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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Happy Hump Day all.

I have a lot to catch you up on so get ready for a picture overload!

Last week our church had VBS.  Jamie helped all week with the games.  Nicklas and I decided to tag along 2 nights.  One night Nick went to his class and the other night he went into the sanctuary with us!

I love our church!

Thursday was Nicks last day at his 'school'.  

Last day of Toddler Class
First day of Toddler Class - where did my baby go?!

Of course mommy had to jump in some of these pics!!

One night while cooking dinner I heard a strange noise... I turned around and found that Nicklas had grabbed the chips off the kitchen island and was helping himself!

On Friday Nicklas had an appointment with the allergist to check and see how the flonase was working and to make sure we didn't need to see an ENT.  The visit was great and the dr is happy with how the flonase is helping so we will just see him again in 6 months!

After the dr we decided to go see my Nannan and Pupol.  Kellyn and Brooke were already over there so we got to visit them too!

On our way home we had to get Nick some new shoes.  We sized him and he is now wearing a 7 1/2!!

On Saturday Nicks friend Layla had a birthday party.

On Sunday evening we grilled out some steaks.  Nicklas loves helping daddy grill.

After dinner our friends Matt and Andrea came over to share their good news!

They are getting married!!  Woo Hoo!!

Monday was nicks first day at his new school!

He has had the best time at his new school!

We made his new teachers a little can of energy!!

After picking him up from school on his first day we took him to get a treat for being so good at his new school, he picked a chocolate cheesecake cupcake!

I have been off of work all week but have been taking Nick to school late and picking him up early so that he get comfortable in his new environment!  After dropping him off I have been walking!

Walking is a lot of fun when you have good music!

Nicklas loves talking on the phone!  We call Aunt K on facetime a lot!

He wasn't sad, he loves mocking Aunt K and her silly faces!

My parents got a new dog recently, her name is Maggie and she is a gentle giant!

Nicklas and I love taking selfies.

Please ignore my red nose... we had just watching Heaven is for real... OMG... I cried during the entire movie!!!

Well I told you this was going to be a long post.

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