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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Happy Tuesday all.
I hope everyone had a fun filled weekend. 
It has been raining here like crazy so we didn't do much.

Nicklas is still loving his new school.  I decided on Wednesday that I was going to give Nick a break from school and we were going to go do something fun!  We called our favorite people and invited them to go have some fun with us!  We all loaded up and took of to Hollywild.  This was Brookes first time going and she loved it!!  


I love that I can call up Kellyn and Brooklyn and they will always go and have some fun with us!
After Hollywild we went and met my dad for lunch, no pics taken...
Both kids were asleep by the time we pulled into the driveway! HA!

Thursday night Jamie went to play golf so I called up Kellyn and Brooke again and asked them to join us at our favorite restaurant!

Brooke and Nick both love Runway Cafe.  Brooke likes to clap for the planes... Nicklas takes it all in... so serious!

On Friday I let Nicklas miss school again and the four of decided to hit up Monkey Joes!

I told Nicklas we were going there and to relax while mommy got ready!

He obliged!

When we went here a few months ago Nicklas could not get over the hills... they are no longer an issue.  There are no pics of Brooklyn because she was playing on the big kids slides with all of the big kids.  Poor brooke had scratches on her elbows and some boy stepped on her head.  I asked her if she wanted me to get on him but she said ' no aunt j, i ok.'  She is so sweet!

After Monkey Joes we picked up lunch and went back to my parents house.

Maggie is the sweetest dog!  Just lays around and will snuggle with the kids!

Since it rained ALLL weekend we didn't do much on Saturday or Sunday.  We slept and snuggled.

We had some bathtub fun!

We watched some golf, Nick and Jamie pull for Rickie Fowler!  He did great this weekend!

We played in Daddys hat.

All in all I would say the rain didn't ruin our fun!

Last night I started the Couch 2 5K.  I am proud! HA!
And since I talked about how soar I already was my sweet husband rubbed my feet for me!

Nicklas will be 23 months old tomorrow... I can't believe it!

*He is now wearing size 7 1/2 show.
*He wears size 3t shirts and 2t pants and shorts
*Can count to 10 all on his own
*Loves puzzles!!
*Says 'good dog' whenever he pets toby or maggie. (sassy won't let him pet her)
*Favorite movie is Cars
*Favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
*Loves golf... he loves watching it, loves playing it and everything he picks up is a golf club
*Has started communicating more this month!
*Has really started hugging and loving!
*Everyone talks about how happy he is and how he is always smiling!

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