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Grilling, Birthdays, and Matchbox Cars

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Happy Tuesday all.
I hope everyone had a fun filled weekend!  We sure did.

Last Thursday night Jamie decided he wanted to grill out.

So while Jamie is grilling (and playing on his phone) Nicklas practices his golf swing!

Practicing his golf swing makes him very tired.
First, ignore the laundry and Jamies shoes.  Second, look how long Nicklas is... He is already over half of me!

Nicklas and I went to run some errands on Friday.  Since he was so good at Target I bout him a little Lightning Mcqueen matchbox car.  He LOVED it.  He even brought it to bed with him on Friday night!

This picture was taken Saturday night, still playing with him!

Saturday morning we headed to Asheville for our friends birthday party!  Sweet Ava turned 4 years old!!

The party was at Mountain Play Lodge and it was wonderful.  Nicklas has the best time.  After he found the big slide he didn't want to do anything else!!

This was taken about 5 min after we got in the car, he wore himself out!!

We woke up and went to church on Sunday morning.  When we walked into the nursery after church I was shocked to find Nicklas asleep, he must have still been tired from partying all day Saturday!

My wonderful mom always picks Nick up for us if we are working late!  Nicklas loves to be picked up by Ganna, thanks for all you do mom!

Last night a new Paw Patrol came on, someone was hooked!

Then he heard Jamie and I laughing so he had to see what we were laughing at!  They were doing the 'ho down' on Whose Line is it Anyway!  HILARIOUS!!!  Nicklas just laughed and danced!

My sweet cousins started school yesterday.  Aren't they gorgeous?!  The one on the right, Kendyl, started her senior year.  The one on the left, McKayla, started her junior year.  So proud of these 2 girls!!

My mom gave me my birthday present early!!  I love!!!!

I hope you all have a great week!! :)

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