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One Year and Beyond Toddler Link up - How to keep your marriage alive!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

I am so excited that this link up is back!!  

This week the topic is how to keep your marriage alive with a toddler.

I have to be honest, I struggle with this.  I feel that since I work all day that at nights and on weekends that all of my attention should go to my child.  Well, my other child... aka my husband... does need attention also!

Jamie and I have gone on maybe 4 or 5 dates since Nicklas was born... yes I know.. not good!

When we do go on dates we have the best time together!

After our last date night which was only a few weeks ago, we promised we were going to do it more often.
We know that it is very important to have a connection with each other, not just as mommy and daddy, but as husband and wife.
We want Nicklas to grow up in a home were his mommy and daddy truly love each other and aren't just roommates.
My number 1 goal is to make time for just me and my husband, to laugh, to talk, to reconnect, to have a night were we aren't just mommy and daddy.

I look forward to reading your tips about how to make time for each other!!


  1. Such a great goal girl!! Thanks so much for being a faithful blogger. We love reading your posts :)

  2. Yes!! You're making me think I definitely need to plan a date night for this weekend!

  3. I know honey we need to have an another date night soon kisses. I LOVE U.

  4. Dates are sooooo hard! Eric works so much that it's hard to plan a date night because what if something comes up at work and he can't get home? We finally found a babysitter we love and we have only used her once in the last month! We set a goal at the beginning of the year to have date night once a week... we are kind of failing miserably at that! At least we are going on a vacation together, that should boost our relationship quite a bit, hopefully!!

  5. Wonderful goal! My husband and I struggle to go out on date nights without our son, too. We go on "family dates", but it's just not the same! Great post!


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