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One Year and Beyond - Summer fun with a toddler

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Happy Thursday all.
I am linking up with some other wonderful mommy's today for the One Year and Beyond Toddler series.

This weeks topic is:
Favorite summer toddler activities

I am excited about this topic because I feel this is something I am good at.
My job allows me to have a week off every 2 - 3 months and I am off on Fridays.
We usually spend my weeks off with my sister (Aunt K) and my sweet niece Brooklyn.  Brooklyn is 3 years old and is CRAZY about Nicklas!

We have not taken any vacations since Nicklas has been born mostly because of me.  I don't consider going to the beach with a toddler who naps 3 hours a day and still wears diapers a vacation!

I digress... Here is a list of my favorite summer activities:

1)  My parents bought the kids a HUGE playground we call Jake.

It has swings, a climbing wall, a slide, and a clubhouse underneath.  The kids love it.  We normally go in the morning before its too hot, let the kids play, then have lunch together!  Hey, its free, and in my parents backyard!  My parents also have a pool!!  Bring your kids and come anytime!

2)  The Runway Cafe

The Runway Cafe is a local restaurant that is by the airport.  You can see planes land and take off.  There is also a playground that kids can play on.  There is a playground for younger and older kids so your kids don't get ran over!  Food is pretty good too which is always a plus!

3)  The Zoo.

There are 2 local zoos near us.  One is your regular city zoo, the second is called Hollywild.  Kids are welcome to feed and pet most of the animals.  Admission also includes a safari ride which is so much fun!  

4)  Monkey Joe's

Lets be honest... its HOT!  Some days you need something to do in the a/c.  I love places were kids can run wild and free!  Monkey Joe's is so one of those places.  They also have a area for younger kids so my sweet little Nick doesn't get ran over! ha!!

5) Lunch w/ loved ones

This one is a no brainer to me.  If I can crash someones lunch break while I'm on vacation from work then I am def going to do it!!  I am sure they love the company also!! ha!!

Hope this gives you some ideas!
I can't wait to read all of your wonderful ideas!  We are always looking for new and exciting things to do!


  1. That is the coolest playground...what fun grandparents!

    1. Yes Chastity they are awesome! Thanks for visiting!!

  2. Seriously, I'd play on that play ground :) Love your ideas. The zoo is always fun for us too!!! =D Thanks for linking up with us again. :)

  3. That playground is amazing! Better than anything we have at the parks around here!

    1. Yes! My child and I are spoiled by my parents!! Thanks for visiting!

  4. That play set is AMAZING!! So cool!
    I wish we lived close to a zoo! I would totally buy a pass and take Mia weekly!


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