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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Happy Tuesday all, hope your Monday was easy and painless.

We had a wonderful weekend, hope you all did also!

This is one night last week.
Jamie watching one of our shows, Nicklas is probably watching Cars or Mickey on his TV.

On Friday night we went to one of our new favorite restaurants, Runway Cafe.  Our friends Matt and Andrea went with us.
We sat outside so we could watch all the planes land and take off.
There were planes actually landing, driving up to the restaurant, parking, people getting out and eating, getting back in their plane and taking off, it was awesome!
Jamie and I have agreed this is our go to place with Nicklas, he loves it!  And after we eat we all get to go play on the playground!

On Saturday Jamie was working so Nicklas and I went and played with Aunt K and Brookie.

Brooke and Nick at the drive in watching The Pink Panther.

On Saturday night we grilled out some steaks and hung out as a family.

Doesn't everyone grill out wearing rain boots, a t shirt, no pants and a diaper!

Sunday morning at about 4:30 AM Nicklas woke up... I mean wide awake.  Since Jamie had worked all day I got up with Nicklas.

We went back to sleep about 7:30 AM so we didn't make it to church.  We didn't get back up until about 11:00 AM.  Thank goodness he is cute...

Nicklas had his first PB & J for Sunday lunch.  If you have been reading this blog for a while you know that I was allergic to peanuts as a child so I have been very nervous about giving Nicklas peanuts.  We did the allergy testing and he was negative for allergies but the allergist told me to introduce peanuts slowly.  I started by giving Nicklas one nutter butter one night, 2 the next night, 4 the next, then 6 the next.  There was no reaction so we decided to go for it!

He loved it!!

On Sunday Nicklas also turned 22 months old.
At 22 months old Nicklas is:
Talking.. a lot!  He mocks everything we say.  Some new things are 'oh no' 'I love you' he will hold a phone and say 'hello' he will tell you 'bye' and blow you a kiss.
He is wearing 3t shirts and 18 - 24 month shorts.
Still in size 4 diaper.
Still in size 5 shoe.
We bought him his very first pair of flip flops.
He loves swimming.
His favorite shows are Cars, Bubble Guppies and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
He sings all of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse songs.
He can count to ten - he skips seven... I mean seven is a hard number.  I love when he says non (nine.)
He says Woah and points to things and says 'whats that.'
He LOVES puzzles and is really good at them.
Loves Itsy Bitsy Spider and patty cake.
Likes to play ring around the rosie.
His favorite foods are mandarin oranges, peaches, animal crackers, chips, corn, mac and cheese and hamburger helper.
We have started giving him spoon to eat with, he is pretty good at it!
I have started letting him have juice if we go out to eat, at home he still only gets milk and water.
He loves being outside. 
Golf is still his favorite game, everything is a golf club!
He is such a little lover, he loves to snuggle me and I love to snuggle him in return.
I am so blessed God chose me to be his mommy.

I found this on Facebook yesterday.  If you are the mommy to a little boy it is a must read. I have never prayed for my future daughter in law, after reading this bloggers letter to her future daughter in law I have began praying for her.  Being a daughter in law is not easy, I just hope she knows how much she is already loved by me and I look forward to the impact she is going to have on Nicks life. 

Have  a great week everyone.  If you read my blog consistently please follow me or comment!  I know I have lots of visitors but I don't know who any of you are and I would like to get to know you!!


  1. Oh he is sooooo cute! 22 months?! Why do they grow so fast?!

  2. Looks like a great weekend! And rain boots with no pants MUST be saved for his wedding video someday!


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