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July 4th fun and SURPRISE!!

Monday, July 7, 2014

This week has been wonderful!!  The weather has been so nice and we have had a lot of fun with sweet family and friends!

I had the day off on Thursday so Nicklas and I went and ran errands together.

I have never really taken Nick to run multiple errands with me.  I was a bit nervous but he did awesome!!  We had so much fun!

When we walked into the grocery store there was a big bin of balls and for about the first 5 aisles all he said was balls!

After the grocery store I had to drop some things off at my parents so my sweet sister made us lunch!

Nicklas even got some new toys on our day out.  Ganna, Granddaddy and Brooke got Nicklas 4 new puzzles!

And mommy and daddy got him his very own roller coaster!

Jamie and I decided it was probably best to spend our 4th of July at home.  We grilled out and watched the fireworks on our front porch.  I even got to enjoy a nice glass of wine while we watched fireworks.

Nicklas loved the fireworks, he just stared and would point.  It was a great 4th of July.

On Saturday we woke up and took Nicklas to get his hair cut.  It was horrible... he cried and threw a fit!

I loved his hair long but it was starting to bother him!

Saturday my family helped me throw Jamie a surprise birthday party!!  He never expected it!!  We had BBQ and hot dogs to eat for lunch and ladder ball and horse shoes to play.  He was so excited that he now has ladder ball and horse shoes to play at home!

The kids all played so well together!

Brooklyn was so excited to help Uncle J open his present from my parents.  They got him a 3 wheel golf bag carrier, he loves it!!

Thank you to my wonderful mom, dad, and sister for everything you did to make the party possible.

Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with us!

Happy Birthday Daddy, we love you!

On Sunday we went to church and then to lunch with our friends Jason and Erin and their 2 little girls!  Uncle Kevin and his girlfriend also joined us.

After church Jamie went to play golf so Nicklas and I caught up on some TV and sleep!

Perfect way to end a great weekend!


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