The Jamie's + 1

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Last Wednesday was Jamie's 29th birthday!  We had so many fun things planned, I am so excited about sharing them with all of you.

On Tuesday night my parents had us over for dinner for Jamie's birthday.
They made BBQ pork loin, cole slaw, baked beans, chips and dip.  
They also made sure to have Jamie's favorite dessert, Jamie is not a big fan of cupcakes or cake!

These kids love each other so much.

 Singing Happy Birthday to daddy!

Mom enjoys swinging!

Thankful my parents love to make Jamie feel so loved and special on his birthday!

On Wednesday, Jamie's actual birthday, we grilled out steaks, had a few drinks and watched the Nascar trucks race on dirt!

Somebody is full!

On Thursday night Jamie went and played golf!
On Friday night Nicklas slept until 10:15, I couldn't believe it.  I guess all the celebrating wore him out!

After Nick woke up we took Daddy lunch while he was working.  Friday is also the day that Jamie and I met 6 years ago!

On Friday night we went to eat at our most favorite place... Runway Cafe.

They had live music and Nick just danced and danced!  Can't wait to go back next Friday.
We hope your birthday was wonderful and special!  We love you very much!

Ok, now that your caught up on all the birthday celebration its time for random photos!!

My mom got these for the kids!

Where is Nick?!

Spiderman, Spiderman!

I finally printed my first blog book!

I used blog2print and I love it!!  So easy!  I highly recommend it!

 Nicklas brought me this puzzle piece when I told him I was talking to Aunt K!

He then brought me every other letter of the alphabet!

Nicks new backpack!

Nicklas will be starting a new school next week so we had to get him a new backpack.  Cars was really they only choice because Lightning McQueen is his favorite thing now!  I feel like he looks so big in this pic, I can't believe he will be 2 in less than 2 months!

I hope you all have a great week! :)

Communication is Key

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Happy Thursday.
I am linking up with my favorite link up series again today.

This weeks topic is:
Helping Your Toddler to Communicate (Words, emotions, etc.)

Nicklas has always been very vocal.  90% of the words we don't understand but he is always looking directly at us, using his hands to talk also and acting like he is telling us the biggest, most important story ever.  Jamie and I have gotten very good at acting like we completly understand and will ask him questions back.  He then gets excited and laughs and just keeps 'talking'.  I think its important to get excited about whatever it is he is telling us because he is trying so hard to communicate.

We also love to read at our house.  One of my baby showers was dedicated just to books because I want Nicklas to have my love of reading.  Nicklas loves sitting down by himself and looking threw books and magazines.

We also try not to use a lot of baby talk.  I always call things exactly what they are supposed to be called.  We call a cup a cup, a bed a bed, etc.  That way he will learn what things are really called and when he says it at school, church, etc. people will know what he is talking about.

We will tell Nicklas to use his words when he gets upset or frustrated but I don't think we are there yet.  I want him to learn to communicate his frustrations instead of throwing a tantrum but I know that is going to be a challenge in itself.  I know sometimes when I am frustrated I would like to throw myself down on the ground!!

How do you help your little one communicate?!

Rain, Rain, Go Away... Nick and Brooke want to play! :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Happy Monday.
I have started counting down to my week off from work... only 2 more weeks... woo hoo!

Last Wednesday our church had a block party.  There were jumpies, hot dogs, popcorn, and fellowship!  We had a great time.  Nicklas wouldn't jump in any of the jumpies but he did run around the softball field 1500000 times!

On Thursday night Jamie had his championship softball game.  His team is the Champions by the way.  Nicklas and I did not attend the game but we did have some surprise visitors!

I do love getting my hair played with!

Friday Nicklas, Kellyn, Brook and I had big plans of going to the zoo... I was very upset when I woke up and it was raining.

Nicklas was upset also... can't you tell?!
Well Kellyn and I decided to go to Monkey Joes.
When we go to Monkey Joes 15 minutes after they are supposed to open, the doors were locked.  We decided to walk down to Pet Smart.

Nicklas kept saying "Woah" at everything!

We walked back to Monkey Joes and they were finally open!

I have to be honest, I have just as much fun at Monkey Joes as the kids do!!

After Monkey Joes I had to grab some things at Target!

Bless Them!

We were all so worn out when we got home, Nicklas took a great nap!

On Saturday it was still raining so Jamie, Nicklas and I went and picked up Kellyn and Brooke and we all went out to eat.  After lunch we went and got some ice cream at Burger King and let the kids play!

Nicklas would only go up the first 2 steps but Brooklyn probably went up and back down the slide 50 times!!

Sunday we had a wonderful morning at church and then last night the boys played and I caught up on So You Think You Can Dance!  Nicklas likes watching it also!!

I am so blessed!

Jamies birthday is on Wednesday... the big 29!  And Saturday is our 6 year dating anniversary... yes I keep up with that! We have some fun things planned!

I hope you all have a great week!