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One Year and Beyond Toddler Link Up

Thursday, June 19, 2014

I am linking up with other moms again today for the One Year and Beyond Toddler Link up!

This weeks topic is:
How to make time to blog in the busyness of motherhood

I didn't begin blogging until Nicklas was about 8 months old.  At the time the blogging thing was very new to me and I only used it to keep up with our lives.  I didn't follow many blogs or do any link ups.  As I became to understand the blogging world a little more blogging starting to take up a lot of time.  There were link ups I did, I did some of the 'what are my favorite' blogs, there were blogs I started following (most being other moms I got advice from), etc.

I then had to start setting rules for myself. 

Here are some of my rules:

1.  Only blog when Nicklas is napping or sleeping.

Yep that is my only rule.

I do not want to see Nicklas to see me setting around on the computer or my cell phone all the time.

You must remember... I am also a working, blogging mom so my time with Nicklas is very limited and special.

This blog is a hobby.  Being a mommy is not!

I do not judge how anyone else does their blogging, this is just how I choose too!

That is also the reason that my blogs are sometimes random or why I don't blog for 2 weeks at a time!

Well that is all.  If you other blogging mommy's have any advice please share!!

Happy blogging everyone!




  1. That's the best blogging boundary! :) I admire your heart in keeping your baby first :)

  2. I am right there with you! I blog when my kids are sleeping. When they are up there is no way I could take my eyes off of them or my house would probably catch on fire. haha! Thanks for linking up :)

  3. Such an excellent rule! I agree and don't want Mac thinking that I'd rather talk about him online than actually spend time with him right in front of me. I try to only blog when he's asleep or out with his dad.

  4. Same here! I wait till mine are asleep too. I understand even more so since you're a working mommy!

  5. Good for you for setting those limits for yourself so you can focus on your main calling!


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