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One Year and Beyond... #mommyfail

Thursday, June 26, 2014

I am again linking up with a wonderful link up that I have grown to look forward to each and every week!

This weeks topic is:
Bedtime battles (nap or bedtime)

I do love this link up but this is the topic I have been dreading.

When I was pregnant with Nicklas I remember saying that my child would NEVER sleep in my bed.

... you gotta love karma.

In this blog post I am going to tell you everything NOT to do.  

  When Nicklas was first born he slept in a bassinet in our room.  

We began to move him to his crib when he was about 2 months old.  That first week was not good.  I was exhausted because I was working a full time job and fighting my infant every night to try to get him to sleep.  I was also dealing with a LOT of mommy guilt about taking him to day care 4 days a week.  I had always been totally against co sleeping.  Once again... you gotta love karma.  

For a few nights I would spend about 4 hours a night trying to get him to sleep in his crib.

We were all exhausted! So I did the only thing I could do at the time.... I put him in the bed with me and Jamie.  For the first night in about a week we all got a full nights sleep.  It was wonderful.  

Fast forward about a year.  Our routine hasn't changed much.  Nicklas will sleep in his crib about 50% of the time for nap and bed time.

Nicklas will fall asleep in our bed after we read a story and then Jamie will move him into his bed.  He will either sleep the entire night or he will wake up around 1:00 AM and come in get in our bed.  Honestly... I think I am just as bad as he is because now I sleep better with him in our bed.  Being a working mom any moment I can get with him is precious to me.  Also, I know that him wanting snuggle me is only temporary!

Naps are the same... he will normally fall asleep in my arms and I will take him to his bed.

There are times I wish I would have sleep trained him like I should have... and then there are times that I am happy with the way it is.  I love cuddling him but I know that he needs to be in his own bed.  

When all of the sleep training was supposed to be happening I was battling mommy guilt and sleep deprivation.  I know that is not an excuse but in my own defense... I wasn't thinking clearly. 

I went back and forth about rather I should write this blog or not.  I was scared of being beat up about co sleeping.  Everyone has their own opinion and I appreciate advice but if you are going to ridicule me about my decisions please keep them to yourself.

Any tips about sleep training a 2 year old would be greatly appreciated though!!

Things just got real!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I had a wonderful week off of work!  I am having the vacation blues today though.  I do love my job but after such a great vacation week it has been really hard getting back in the groove of going to work.  Nicklas is now at a age that we can go and do a lot of things.  He is also only taking one nap a day and I can always push it up or back depending on what we are doing.  So here is my vacation week in pics!  Be prepared for a picture over load!

On Tuesday I took Nicklas to day care so that I could run some errands.  I HAD to get safety door things... Nicklas has starting trying to open doors and it was a fear that he was going to open the front or back door and either run into the road or fall off the deck... so it was a must!  I also paid for a full week of day care so he was going to go one day!!

On Wednesday Kellyn, Brooke, Nicklas and I went to meet my dad for lunch.

Doesn't Kellyn have gorgeous cat eyes!!

We went to K & W cafeteria for lunch.  I don't know if any of you have been to a 'cafeteria' type place but it STRESSED ME OUT!  I was trying to decide on the meat I wanted and people were yelling at me asking what veggie I wanted on my kids plate!  Then I was trying to decide on my veggies and I was being yelled about what type of bread I wanted for my kids plate!  Food was great though!!

K & W stressed him also!!

On Thursday Kellyn, Brooke, and I went to Monkey Joes!

Nicklas kept getting stuck in between the 2 hills!!

Okay... first... ignore the tramp stamp beautiful artwork above my crack! Second... if you look at the very top right of the picture you can see my child hanging out at the top of a steep slide.  I had put him up there, then I fell and was freaking because he was all alone up there!! hahah!!  I did make it back to the top and everyone slid safely!!  haha!!

After Monkey Joes I faced my fear and returned to K & W Cafeteria to have lunch with my dad again.  I did the 'walk thru' first to see what they were offering that day and I did not get yelled at once!! Woo Hoo!!

On Friday we decided to stay at my parents house.  I mean they do have a HUGE playground that we call 'Jake' because its shaped like a pirate ship.  They also have a pool.  Why go spend money when you have all that in your back yard!

Yes, he is ALWAYS playing with my eyelashes!

After playing on 'Jake' for a little while we decided to go get some Taco Bell.

Kellyn then asked me to marry her... Sister wives... why not?!

After lunch we all went swimming!

I think we all wore him out!

On Friday night we went back to my parents for more swimming and pizza!
Nicklas 'helped' Grand daddy play Batman.

Yes, he is playing with Grand daddys eyelashes!

On Saturday morning we woke up and went to Dennys for breakfast!

He slept for 2 hours after Dennys... I couldn't believe it!

After Dennys we went to the property that my father in laws church owns.  They were grilling out hot dogs so we stopped by to swing and visit with old friends!

Afterwards we went to my in laws to swim for a bit!

When we got home our neighbor asked us if we wanted a rocking horse for Nicklas that her son had outgrown!!

Nicklas loves it!

Then Nicklas helped me do some laundry!

On Sunday we went to church and then Jamie got called into work.  Nicklas and I took a nice long nap and finished laundry.  We had a wonderful supper together!

During his bath I told him I was going back to work.

He said " yay " ... I tried not to take it personally!

After out bath time Jamie came back home and we played and watched the Nascar race.

Strong little monkey!

Nicklas is watching his FAVORITE driver do a victory burn out!

Get it Carl!  Woo Hoo!

Perfect ending to a perfect week!

Thank you Kellyn and Brooklyn for keeping us company all week!  We love y'all very much!