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One Year and Beyond Toddler Link Up

Thursday, May 29, 2014

I look forward to this link up all week.
I love getting advice from other mommies and also getting to share my experience and hope it helps others!

This weeks topic is one that I struggle with so I am very excited about getting advice on the subject.
The topic is:
When people share their opinions and how to lovingly handle it

I am going to start with a back story but want to preface it by saying I do not judge how anyone raises their children.  That is a choice the mom and dad make on their own.

When I told my parents and in laws that I was going to make all of Nicks food they thought I was crazy! (mostly because I am a working mom and making baby food is a lot of work.)
When I informed my parents and in laws that Nick was only allowed to have milk and water they also thought I was crazy.  (Brooklyn is allowed juice with her meals, Jamie's family loves tea and most kids get that in their bottles or sippies)
When I informed my parents and in laws that Nicklas was not going to be spending the night away from me for a very long time they got mad at me!
When I informed our families that we were doing the time out method, some agreed, some laughed!

I have done the parenting thing extremely different than anyone in my family and Jamie's family.  Neither way is better than the other, just different. 

When I first had Nicklas I was not good at taking advice.  I would get angry and think that people were telling me the way I was doing it is wrong.  I have sense learned that people are just trying to help.

I have gotten LOTS of crazy advice!!
Here are a few tips when you get that unwanted advice:

I have now learned the best thing to say is "that is a wonderful idea, thank you."  And then forget about it in 5 min!!

It is always best to be respectful and I have a huge problem with that!  

Always smile.

I will say that I DO NOT know everything and have no problems asking for advice when I need some.  I have a few wonderful friends that I go to for this... you know who you are!  
I also get a lot of my advice from you wonderful blogging mommies!  
I truly hope I help you all as much as you help me!


  1. I completely agree, just smile and keep it moving! When it is family or friends I am more likely to give a reason why I am doing something. We parent our kids much different than my husband and I were parented. But when it is people I don't know, I have a hard time listening. haha! Thanks for linking up :)

  2. I completely agree!!! Sometimes smiling is the best thing you can do. :)

  3. I just smile and nod :) :) Sometimes it's the worst when people are giving your their rotten opinions... when it's your family! You don't have to worry about seeing a stranger ever again, but family? If it's not handled delicately it can cause major problems. That's why I also do my best to keep my mouth shut unless I'm specifically asked my opinion :)


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