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One Year and Beyond Toddler Link Up

Thursday, May 29, 2014

I look forward to this link up all week.
I love getting advice from other mommies and also getting to share my experience and hope it helps others!

This weeks topic is one that I struggle with so I am very excited about getting advice on the subject.
The topic is:
When people share their opinions and how to lovingly handle it

I am going to start with a back story but want to preface it by saying I do not judge how anyone raises their children.  That is a choice the mom and dad make on their own.

When I told my parents and in laws that I was going to make all of Nicks food they thought I was crazy! (mostly because I am a working mom and making baby food is a lot of work.)
When I informed my parents and in laws that Nick was only allowed to have milk and water they also thought I was crazy.  (Brooklyn is allowed juice with her meals, Jamie's family loves tea and most kids get that in their bottles or sippies)
When I informed my parents and in laws that Nicklas was not going to be spending the night away from me for a very long time they got mad at me!
When I informed our families that we were doing the time out method, some agreed, some laughed!

I have done the parenting thing extremely different than anyone in my family and Jamie's family.  Neither way is better than the other, just different. 

When I first had Nicklas I was not good at taking advice.  I would get angry and think that people were telling me the way I was doing it is wrong.  I have sense learned that people are just trying to help.

I have gotten LOTS of crazy advice!!
Here are a few tips when you get that unwanted advice:

I have now learned the best thing to say is "that is a wonderful idea, thank you."  And then forget about it in 5 min!!

It is always best to be respectful and I have a huge problem with that!  

Always smile.

I will say that I DO NOT know everything and have no problems asking for advice when I need some.  I have a few wonderful friends that I go to for this... you know who you are!  
I also get a lot of my advice from you wonderful blogging mommies!  
I truly hope I help you all as much as you help me!

Its going to be a long one....

Monday, May 26, 2014

About 2 weeks ago Jamie and I went on our very first day night since Nicklas has been born... and yes Nicklas is 20 months!  We have been to his Christmas party for work but this is the first time it was just me and him.  We had a wonderful time and I may have had a lot little to much to drink!  We had a blast and will have to make it a regular thing!

Our wonderful friends Matt and Aundrea watched Nicklas for us while we were on our date night!  They actually offered a long time ago, I was just to chicken to take them up on the offer.  I think part of the reason I was able to have such a good time is because I knew Nick was in great care and having a blast.  Thank you Matt and Aundrea!
On Friday Kellyn and I decided to take the kids to the zoo.




I think the monkey liked me...
After the zoo we went to lunch at the Runway Café.  It is at a small airport near were we live and the kids can watch planes land and take off.  They also have a HUGE playground!  And the food is great!




Grand daddy joined us for lunch!
We had a wonderful day with Kellyn and Brooklyn... Nicklas was worn out!!
Friday night Jamie and I decided to grill out.
Nicklas played with toby while mom and dad cooked.

Nicklas tried corn on the cob for the first time.. he is a fan!!
On Saturday Nicklas and I woke up and met my mom, Kellyn, and Brooklyn at our local farmers market and then we went to lunch at the Whistle Stop Café.



When we got home Nicklas fell asleep on me.

Saturday night Jamie and Nicklas hung out and Kellyn and I went to Target and had a sushi date.

Sunday morning at 1:00 AM Nicklas woke me up and he was burning up...
We spend all day Sunday relaxing.  I think the fever is just because he is cutting his 2 year molars.
On Memorial Day my dad grilled out.
It was a great day spent with my 2 favorite veterans, my daddy and Pupol. 
Thank you all we have served and continue to serve our country.
God Bless.