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Restful Weekend

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

We had a slow and restful weekend and that is exactly what Nicklas and I needed!!

Friday was spent looking at our Cars camera that the Easter bunny left at Ganna and Granddaddy's house!

Looking at pictures makes him very tired!  He has NEVER fallen asleep like this... I couldn't believe it!
I scooped him up and we went and took a 4 hour nap!

Friday night we played with our new slide that Brooklyn handed down to Nicklas!

He was pretty nervous at first but now its no big deal at all!!  He yells 'weee' every time, I love it!

Saturday morning I made pancakes for breakfast and we laid around some more!

Its rough during allergy season!

We took another 4 hour nap on Saturday while daddy cut the grass.
We woke up from our nap and went to visit Poppy and Grammie!

Nicklas looks soo big in this picture...

Poppy found Nicklas a wagon, Nick loved riding in it!

Nick loves feeding Lucy, He will pick up ONE piece of corn and say 'here you go!' Lucy didn't like that to much!

Nick had fun with Poppy.

Thanks for the pizza Poppy and Grammie.

Sunday Jamie woke up with Nicklas bright and early and they let me sleep. 
I am still fighting off allergies and a cough... its not good.
Nick and I took another 4 hour nap on Sunday!  It was wonderful!

I know our weekend may sound boring to some but it was exactly what we needed!

Last night Kellyn and Brooklyn brought me over some beef stew and the kids played for a little bit, thanks guys!  Tonight Ganna is picking up Nicklas from school and we are eating dinner with my family, I can't wait!!

Have a great week everyone! :)

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  1. Wagons and slides and weekend ever!! He is so cute.


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