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Five on Friday

Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy Friday all.


I really didn't feel like I had much of a weekend last weekend so I am very excited about this weekend!  I need to catch up on my DVR, laundry, and cuddle time with my sweet monkey!

Here are my most favorite things this Friday!!

One. A little R&R
Nicklas and I are exhausted after our Easter festivities and our long week.  We are both super excited about spending all day today in our PJ's.  He wants to catch up on Paw Patrol and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I want to catch up on Vampire Diaries and Reign.  After that we will probably snuggle, take a nap, and have some more Easter candy!!  No plans this weekend makes us very happy!


Two. Cough Drops
Actually... I HATE cough drops... BUT... at the moment I can't live without them.  Whenever the seasons change I get sick.  Very stuffed up, coughing, can't sleep, and foggy... its not fun.  The job I have I am forced to talk ALL DAY LONG and without my trusty cough drops that wouldn't be happening!  I hate the after taste of cough drops.  Any suggestions on some that don't have that nasty after taste?!?!

Three. Lauren Conrad
I have loved Lauren Conrad since Laguna Beach.  I love her clothing line, sense of style, and all of her advice.  I always go to her website for inspiration and ideas!!  Check it out here.  I am actually wearing a pair of her skinnies now and my sister gave me one of her maxi dresses that I LOVE, thanks KK!


Four. A Child Again
A Child Again in the consignment store I use for Nicklas.  We love it.  I buy and sell here and have never had an issue.  The people who work there are amazing and friendly!!  Nicklas goes threw his clothes so fast that they look like they are brand new and thats how most of the clothes at the store are!  They sell clothes, shoes, toys, books, dvds!!  Its wonderful!!


Five. Mama's Boy
My little monkey is a true mama's boy and I love it.  I have ALWAYS wanted to have a little boy but when I was pregnant and we found out I was expecting a little boy I started to get nervous.  I mean I am a girly girl in every sense of the word.  Would I be able to connect with my little boy?!  So far it hasn't been an issue!!  Nicklas is loving and caring and he loves me so much!  I'll learn to play golf, I'll learn about trucks and tractors, I'll even play in the dirt if I have too!!!  I am his first kiss in the morning, I am his last kiss every night.  He falls asleep cuddling me and reaches for me in the middle of the night!  He gives me the biggest hugs and the sweetest kisses.  When he his hurt he wants me, when he does something he is proud of he looks for me to cheer for him.  He is my sweet little boy and I am blessed to be his mommy!



  1. I adore LC as well and what she has become!! (Her clothes are fab too!) Hope you have a great weekend! xoxo

  2. I am suchhhhh an LC fan! Her website is one of my favorites!

    Tattered to Taylored

  3. Happy Friday! Glad you enjoyed some R&R after a busy Easter weekend! I adore LC's clothing line! I haven't visited her site for a while, so thanks for the reminder! ;) Have a wonderful upcoming weekend!!

  4. Halls has some pretty tasty cough drops which are more like candy than cough drops but they still work. I think they might be called "Berry blast" or something like that...

  5. That picture of you guys sleeping is so cute AND hilarious! Could you even breathe with his hands all up in your face?? :)

    LOVE Lauren Conrad...I plan on becoming BFF's with her one day haha!

    1. Ha! Nicklas likes to play with my eyelashes when he is falling asleep! Sounds annoying but now I find it comforting!!! Please introduce me to Lauren when y'all become BFFs!! Thanks for visiting!!

  6. a few things - i'm TOTALLY jealous of your #5 status on the linkup today. gah! good work. #2. i absolutely adore lauren conrad. where do you shop for her clothes? new reader!

    1. Hi Karli. Thanks for stopping by! I buy Lauren Conrad's collection at Kohl's and the prices are pretty reasonable!!!!

  7. What a sweet mamas boy you have!! And love lc, too!! Hope you had a great weekend!!


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