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Friday, April 4, 2014

Happy Friday.

My mom and sister told me about a movie they watched about a woman who wrote a blog just about her husband and what he did that drove her crazy.  I thought I would do that for my Five for Friday.  I know most of you are thinking "How mean!!"  But be honest... you can think of AT LEAST five things that drives you crazy about your significant other.  I may even let my husband take over next Friday and write five things that drives him crazy about me!!  Jamie does know I am doing this and is ok with it so nobody better make negative comments about it... If the one I am writing about can laugh about it so can everyone else!!

One. The Bathroom
Every night... and I do mean every night, right after dinner Jamie has to go to the bathroom.  This is when we have just started watching a TV show that we have on the DVR.  We are usually about 15 minutes in and then he says "I have to go to the bathroom."  Then he is gone for at least on hour.  We have a 2 bathroom house.  One is the master bathroom, the bathroom you assume he would go use.... NOPE.  He chooses Nicks bathroom that has Nicks toothbrush in it.  So, 2 or 3 nights a week Nicklas goes to sleep without his teeth brushed.  Every night Jamie and I have the conversation about using the other bathroom and tomorrow night we will probably have the same conversation.

Two. Working Harder
Jamie truly thinks his job is harder than mine.  Yes, he does work outside, yes, he does have stand by and call.  But normally when Jamie gets home, he is done.  When I get home... I start my second job... you know... the one I DON'T get paid for.  I work hard.  I deal with the public ALL DAY LONG.  I am that person who collects all of your money and gives you the bad news when your insurance doesn't pay what they are supposed to which means, you have to pay it!  I get chewed out... A LOT.  Then I come home to a baby who just wants to be held and I am trying to cook dinner and my husband is watching Sportscenter.  Then after dinner Jamie normally gives Nick a bath, thanks honey, while I do all the dishes and clean up Nicks mess from dinner and when I walk by to check on them, Jamie is playing a game on his phone.  Then after he gives Nick a bath and I think we all get to relax... he goes to the bathroom for an hour (See #1 on this list). Yes honey... you work much harder!

Three. Finding Things
I love when Jamie ask me if I know where so and so is.  I could tell him, draw him a map, put neon lights around it... it wouldn't matter.... he would never find it.  Here is an example of one of the many conversations we have while Jamie is 'looking' for things.
A example of our conversation is:
Jamie: "Do you know where Nicks green sippy is?"
Me:  "Yes honey it is right in the middle of the floor in his play room"
Jamie: "No its not, I can't find it."
Me: "ok... I'll be there in a second" while rolling my eyes.
I then walk into the playroom and see the green sippy in the middle of the play room laughing at me!
This conversation happens at least 5 times a week... 

Four. When he does do something
Jamie will actually do a lot around the house... but when he does I have to hear about it for 3 billion months.  When I do laundry every single week do I get a thank you... NO. When I cook every single night do I get a thank you... NO.  When I change Nicks diaper do I get a thank you... NO... but I do occasionally get peed on.  Now if Jamie throws a frozen pizza in the oven and has it ready when I get home from work I better thank him 15 times or else he gets mad at me.  When Jamie mows the lawn I better tell him how good it looks for the next week or else I don't appreciate him.  I have seriously considered going on strike until I get a thank you for everything I do... I bet he would notice how much I do then... Who is with me?!?!

Five. Dipping
This is the thing I dislike most about Jamie.  Yes he was doing it when we met and it never bothered me but lets be honest... that was a long time ago and I was drunk most of the time we dated... And yes I have changed A LOT since then.  I think this is the most disgusting habit there is.  Putting something in your mouth and then spitting it slowly out... seriously... gag me!  He makes soo much noise doing it... I have chills just thinking about it!  He used to only do it outside... I think we are going to have to go back to that rule!!

I hope you all enjoyed my Five on Friday.
Please share with me what drives you crazy about your significant other!
And a big thank you to my husband for driving me so crazy... I love you honey!

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