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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

We had a busy, fun filled Easter weekend.  We are all very worn out but it was worth every minute.

Let me start by saying that boy Jamie was in charge of picture taking all weekend so if there aren't pictures of certain activities talk to him about it!! :)

I was off on Thursday but Nicklas had his Easter party at school so of course he had to go!  He brought home lots and lots of candy!  I picked him up from school early and took him to get a haircut.  There are no pictures of this because my son was HORRIBLE!  I had to hold him, he wouldn't put on the 'cape' so we were both covered in hair by the end.  The sweet girl who cut his hair, Stephanie, was so patient and so kind.  I was about to loose it but her keeping her cool and acting like it was no big deal really helped.  She got tipped 50% for being so great.  Nicklas road home topless and I drove home in my tank top that I was wearing under my shirt!  But his hair looks wonderful!!

Good Friday we sat around the house and I did laundry because I knew there wouldn't be any time for that the rest of the weekend.  Friday night Debra made dinner so we went by there for about an hour and then took dinner to Uncle Kevin.

Thank you Uncle Kevin for letting Nicklas see all the fun fire trucks and lights!

Saturday morning we went to a Easter party at our church.

I really expected Nicklas to just throw the eggs around but he would pick it up and place it in his basket!  I was soo proud!!  I think he thought he was cleaning up! ha!

Saturday evening we went to Debras side of the family for dinner.  Everyone wanted to egg hunt but it was raining... I think I ruined that for everyone when I said Nicklas would no be allowed to hunt in the cold rain.  Sorry.  It was fun seeing everyone.

Saturday night Kevin and his friend Rachel stopped by for about an hour to visit!

Sunday morning we woke up to find that the Easter bunny came to visit Nicklas.

The stash!

Nicklas cried all the way down our hallway because Jamie wouldn't carry him... then he saw his stash!

The cars puzzle and baseball bat were a big hit!!

We then went to church as a family!  It was a wonderful service!

For Easter lunch we went to my parents house!

Isn't she so pretty?!

Nicklas wanted to just run and run while we were hunting eggs!  We were all a muddy mess afterwards but it was so much fun!!

Nicklas couldn't believe that the Easter bunny visited him at Gannas and Grand daddys too!!  He was a really good boy this year!

We had a wonderful lunch!  Ganna made all of Nicks favorites... baked beans, corn, ham, rolls... he was loving it!!  

After lunch we had to rush off to see Poppys family.  

Poor boy was worn out and slept for 45 min. after we go there.  Thank you to Uncle Dale for letting me have his seat to hold Nicklas!  

We did some egg hunting here also,  Nick woke up just in time to participate!  

We got home and just vegged out in front of the TV.  I did another load of laundry and we all ate way to much candy.
I woke up Monday morning sick.  I knew we over did it!!

Thank you to my mom, dad, and kellyn for picking up Nick!

And this is how we ended last night, this picture was taken at about 7:30... we are exhausted!

Thank you to all of our families for making Nicklas feel so loved and for showering him with candy and toys!  We love you all!

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