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My princess turns 3!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

We have had a busy but good week!  

We have decided to start introducing forks and spoons to Nicklas.  He started showing interest when Brooklyn would use hers so we knew it was time.

He played with it mostly but still used it a little bit.

Nicklas also came home with a little battle scar last week.

I call it a love bite... hey... its gonna happen!!  Sometimes I want to chew on him too!

I had a really hard week at work last week... Nicklas must have had a hard time at school also.

Jamie sent me this pic that he took of Nicklas and I on Thursday night... we were tired!

Nicklas must have been REALLY tired because he slept until 9:15 on Friday morning... of course I was up at 7:00.  

Friday I invited Kellyn and Brooklyn over because the weather was wonderful.  We got out all of our bubbles, side walk chalk, golf clubs and lawn mower to play.

I LOVE all the shadows in the pictures.... Kellyn and I look like we are going to eat Nicklas and Brooke.
After playing we went in and had some lunch.

Then Brooke and Nicklas caught up on some TV.

While we weren't looking Nicklas and Brooklyn were snuggling and loving on each other.  I love it!

Saturday was Brooklyns 3rd birthday party.  We had just family and it was perfect.  I will be doing the same exact thing for Nick's party this year because we all remember how mad I got at Nicks 1 year old birthday party!  

It was a perfect day!!  

Brooklyn Nicole,
I hope you know how much Uncle J, Nicklas and I love you.  You taught your uncle J and I what love really is when you were born 3 years ago!  You also are the one who made Uncle J and I realize that we wanted to have a baby who was just like you.  We love you to the moon and back!

My parents took Kellyn and Brooklyn to see Disney Live on Sunday for her birthday present.  Sophia and Jake were the main attractions.  I do believe that Brooke has converted to being a Jake fan.

Nick is excited about this because he loves Jake!!

We took some family pics while we were at my parents.

Love my little family of 3.

Little update on Nicklas:
He has started holding his hand up and telling me No or Stop
He fell the other night at the house and slit his frenum, which is actually a good thing, but there was lots of blood... and tears... from me and Nick.
Has quit crying when we drop him off at daycare!!  Woo Hoo!

Have a great week everyone!


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