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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Happy Tuesday all!  I hope you are all having a wonderful week.  We had a wonderful weekend at our house!

Wednesday night of last week I could not sleep at all.  Didn't feel bad just could not fall asleep.  
Nicklas didn't have an issue sleeping.

Friday Kellyn called and asked if I would watch Brooklyn because she had to go to the DMV.

These 2 have so much fun together.

After I laid Nicklas down for a nap I got some loving from my sweet princess.

Friday night we went and had dinner with Jamie's family.

Watching Mickey with Grammie.

Saturday morning I woke up and made breakfast.

Nicklas liked the blackberries and raspberries better than the french toast! ha!

On Saturday afternoon we went and visited Nannan and Pupol.  We are so glad Pupol is home from the hospital and doing better.

Nicklas helped Nannan sweep and then we went outside were these 2 played with Hollie.  I love how much Nicklas loves his Nannan and Pupol.

Sunday we were planning to get up and go to church but we overslept.  My sweet little boy slept until almost 10 which has NEVER happened!!  The time change really messed with us!

Last night Jamie had to work late so my mom picked up Nicklas ( Thanks Ganna ) and then we had dinner with my family.

Isn't my mommy so pretty?!  These 2 will take any opportunity to play together!

I can't believe how long he is!!  ugh.... He will be 18 months ( 1 1/2 yr. old ) on Thursday... SLOW DOWN!!!!

Have a great week everyone!

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