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Five on Friday

Friday, March 28, 2014

Happy Friday Ladies!!

As usual... I am linking up with Natasha @ hellohappiness for Five on Friday.

One. Hip2Save
Hip2Save is a website/blog started by a coupon lover named Collin.  She tells you the correct way to use coupons and also posts coupon scenerious that shows you how to maxamize deals and your coupons so you can save the most money.  She also post about freebies and great deals!  You can also sign up to get a daily email about all of the best deals!  LOVE IT!!

Two. Spring Break
The dentist that I work for closed our office Wednesday and Thursday because his kids were celebrating their spring break!!  Yes it snowed the beginning of this week but hey... I'll take time off whenever I get it... and yes I get it a lot.  One of the many perks of working for a dentist whose family is his number 1 priority!

Three.  Spring Cleaning
Since I have a 5 day weekend I decided ONE of those days was going to be spent doing some spring cleaning.  I always dread it but when I am done I feel soo much better!  I took Nicklas to school and dug in.  Cleaning also burns calories so I killed two birds with one stone! 

Four.  Crisis
You know I have to throw in a TV show in my Five on Friday.  Crisis is a new TV show this season that I am already addicted too!  I literally can't take my eyes off of the TV when it is on!  It also has some pretty cute actors which always helps!  I hope it continues to be as good!  Watch and let me know your thoughts!

Five. Brooklyn Nicole
I have to finish with my princess.  I mean it is still her birthday week.  I cannot believe she is already 3 years old!  Brooklyn Nicole I love you so!


  1. just look at that sweet muffin! i can't believe how quickly they grow. i almost have a two year old. blowing my mind. when i'm hand polishing my floors (they get so dirty!!!) i usually start out cursing and pretty pissed, but by the end i think of the cals i burned and the arm workout i got and that makes me feel better. stopping by from the linkup. new bloglovin' reader! karli

  2. So awesome that you get a mini spring break! I always dread spring cleaning too, but love the results when everything is all freshened up...I'm planning to tackle some more of it this weekend. Enjoy!

    1. Good luck with your spring cleaning!! Glad mine is done and over with!! Thanks for stopping by!! Hope you visit again!!


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