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First time at Chuck E Cheese

Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy last day of March... or first day of April... whichever day you are reading this.  

Gotta admit... totally wish I knew someone who was pregnant so I could pull the best April Fools Day prank ever on my husband... he would totally pass out... and then ask who the baby belonged to! ha!

I had Wednesday and Thursday off from work for Spring Break so Kellyn and I decided to take the kids to see Nannan and Pupol on Wednesday.

I do believe that I have discussed on this blog in the past that REAL men ride pink!! :)

Real men also love catching on on their reading!

Sweet Holly just wants someone to play ball with her!

Nicklas loves sitting in his play room and watching television while he is winding down.

He also loves to sit in his chair on his mommy's lap.

This was Thursday morning.  I had big plans of getting up early and taking Nicklas to school ( I mean we did pay for a full week so Nicklas was going to go 3 out of 5 days... that craps expensive!) and then I was going to do grocery shopping and spring cleaning.  Well Nicklas had big plans of sleeping past 9:00... FYI... This never happens!

He did eventually wake up and I took him to school and got all of my plans done!  My house looks amazing.  And it better stay that way.  Jamie Pruitt if you are reading this... If I find boots at the back door or socks in the living room you will be moving out! :)

Lately Nick has been propping his foot up while watching TV... I think this is hilarious!!

Friday night we went to a small group class at our church that is made up of other couples with children.  We had a great time.  Nicklas also made a friend named Chloe.  She is precious!  Looks like they are on their first date!

Sunday we went to a birthday party for sweet Camille.

He is giving Chuck E Cheese a high five!

Mesmerized by Chuck E Cheese

We had a wonderful time.  Thanks so much for inviting us Lindz!!

Nicklas partied a little too much!!

Tonight Jamie had softball practice and my dad was out of town so my mom, Kellyn, Brooklyn, Nicklas and I all had dinner together (thanks Kellyn) and hung out!!  

Right now I am hoping the weather in April is much better than the weather in March has been.  I am ready for spring and Easter.  I know the Easter bunny has been working really hard on Nicks Easter basket because he has been such a good boy but putting together an Easter basket for a 19 month old is hard.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated?!  

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