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18 Months Weekend Update!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Our weekend was jam packed and we had a blast!

It started on Tuesday.  We had wonderful weather so Nicklas and I went outside and played!  Toby, Nicks best friend, was right with him the entire time he was playing!  Such sweet friends!

After dinner it was still really pretty so Jamie and Nicklas went outside and did some bird watching!  You may remember that Nicklas has always loved birds and used to call our fans and lights birds!

The weather changed drastically.  Thursday it was snowing on my way to work and the road I work on had black ice all over it.  I saw 5 wrecks JUST on the road I work on... it was awful!

Thursday was also a wonderful day because Nicklas turned 18 months old - 1 1/2 years old.  I made some Double Chocolate Chip Muffins and Jamie and I sang Happy Half Birthday to you!  Nick loved it!!

Maybe he just loved the muffins! ha!

We also had some surprise visitors on Thursday night.

Nicklas likes when his grammie comes over because she always has Mini M & M's... thats she only way she can get Nicklas away from his poppy.  We made a new game with Nicks diaper box.

I'll just say that mommy, daddy, and poppy were soar the next morning and we had to hide the diaper box!  haha!!

Friday morning was Nick's 18 month old check up.  

Here are Nicks 18 month stats:

Our doctor told us he is the size of a petite 2 year old.  But that he is well proportioned and looks great!  He did have the start of an ear infection so our doctor went ahead and wrote a prescription for antibiotic and told us to get it filled if we thought we needed it.  Nick started running a low grade fever that night and after talking to some friends and family (shout out to my mom, Christy and Lindsey) we decided it was best to go ahead and start antibiotic.

Saturday morning my mom called and invited me to go get a pedicure with her and my sister.  It was wonderful and much needed.  Thanks mom.

Saturday afternoon our old church, the one my father in law preaches at, was having a cook out at their property.  We decided Nick was well enough to go for a little while so we packed up and went.  I am so glad we did, Nick had a great time and it was nice seeing old friends.

Sunday morning as we were getting ready for church I had the fridge open while I was getting Nicks bag ready, this is what I turned around to find.

I guess he didn't like the way I had things arranged.

Sunday we joined Renfrew Baptist Church.  I am so excited!!  We feel so at home!

Thank you to our friend Bradley for taking pictures for us.  It was Homecoming Sunday at Renfrew so there was a nice meal after and we go to visit and meet some new people.  We are blessed.

Nicklas also got some new pj's this weekend.  His 18 month pj's make him look like his poppy so we moved up to 24 month.

Sunday night we watched the NASCAR race at Bristol and I must say it was GREAT!!

Get 'em Carl!!!

This is the best before and after pic I have of my weight loss journey!  I am excited to say I did not do this with a 'diet'.  I mean the work DIE is in DIET.  It is a life change and I feel like a new person.

Now for a sad bit of news.  My family had to lay a beloved member of our family to rest yesterday.  My mom has had Malcolm for 15 years.  He came into our life when my mom had to have brain surgery and was very sick.  I do truly believe that Malcolm is the main reason my mom get better so quickly.  Sweet Malcolm loved my mom so much and was truly her 3rd child.  Malcolm was very sick and my mom had to make a hard decision and I am proud that she put her own feelings aside to do what was best for Malcolm.  I believe that Heaven is full of things that will make us happy and that we love.  I know Malcolm will be waiting for my mom and will curl up around her head as she sleeps.  Most of you know how I feel about cats, but Malcolm was not a cat, he was part of my family and is loved and will be missed dearly. RIP sweet kitty kitty meow. 

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