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Snow week and a great weekend gone bad!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Our week started off like normal but on Tuesday the news was calling for a snow storm just south of us.  The area that we live in is kind of hit or miss so I was a little nervous driving to work on Tuesday morning because I wasn't sure I would make it home.  The dentist I work for is VERY understanding so I told him if they closed nicks day care early that I was going to have to leave, of course he understood.  At 10:30 they announced they would be closing Nicks day care at noon so I went ahead and left and Dr. Peele actually closed the office at lunch time anyway.  I got Nicklas home about 30 minutes before it started snowing and we spent our first snow day they best way possible.
Tuesday was also Kellyns birthday and we were all planning on having red beans and rice (her favorite meal).  Well, the weather went bad... fast!  My dad went to pick up her cake and on his way home said that the main roads were like an ice rink and Jamie said back roads were not safe at all so we celebrated the best way we could.
Hate we couldn't be there in person though...
Tuesday evening after 'helping' Kellyn blow out her candles we let Nicklas play in the snow.

He loved it!!
My sweet niece Brooklyn loved it too!
I am obsessed with my snow babies!

Wednesday my office opened at 10 but since Nicklas' day care was still closed I stayed at home.  Nick was teaching me that even super heroes need to go to school... so true son!
Jamie stayed home with Nicklas on Thursday because Nicks school was still closed.

Looks like they had a great time!
On Friday Kellyn and I talked and we decided we HAD to get the kids out of the house so we took off to see Nannan and Pupol.
Nicklas found a wonderful club house as soon as we got there and there is a mirror underneath the china cabinet and we all know that he loves looking at himself.

Then Nannan pushed the kids on some things that she puts her plants on!  They LOVED that!!
Then we played ball with Holly.

Then it had warmed up a bit so we went outside and played!!

We went for a stroll and Brooklyn did an AWESOME job riding her bicycle. 

The kids had so much fun getting out of the house!
Aunt KK always gives Nick the best snacks! 
The kids rested a bit and watched some TV.

Then Nannan opened the blinds and Nick decided to look at the view with his new best friend Holly.

It was started to be the kids naptime to Nannan read them a story.  Kellyn and I started feeling pretty old because it felt like just yesterday we were sitting in Nannans lap and she was reading us a story and now our kids are doing the same thing.  Glad I was there to get the photo.
Well I had some pretty fun plans for our family this weekend but on Friday night Jamie woke up in the middle of the night throwing up so I moved to the couch so I wouldn't get sick.  Nicklas and I didn't see Jamie at all on Saturday.
Saturday night we had a mommy/son movie night. 
Sunday morning (this morning)  I woke up throwing up.  Jamie actually feels much better!  Jamie got called into work so my sweet daddy come over to take care of him so that I could get some rest.
Thanks grand daddy.... your the best!
I feel like I have gotten the stomach bug more in the past 2 years than ever in my life!
Hopefully Nicklas won't get it.... prayers please!
Hope everyone else had a better weekend than we did.

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