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Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy Friday all!!
I am linking up with Natasha at hello happiness for Five on Friday.
Here are my favorites this Friday!

One. My Daddy
My dad had a birthday on Tuesday.  I am so thankful for my daddy and I am truly a daddys girl.  He is also who Nicklas is named after.  We are lucky to have him in our lives.  Happy Birthday Daddy/Grandaddy.  We love you.

Two. Bloglovin'
As a new blogger I have been searching for things to make blogging easier.  Bloglovin' is the best thing I have found.  You can keep all your blogs in one place and choose when you want bloglovin' to let you know when your favorite blogs have been updated.  Bloglovin' puts blogs into different categories so it is easy to find blogs that you are interested in.  You can also add your own blog to bloglovin' so it is easy for other blog readers to find!  The Jamie's + 1 is on Bloglovin', you can follow me by clicking the "Follow me on Bloglovin', button on the right side of the blog!

Three. St. Patrick's Day
I love holidays, pretty much every holiday.  My husband hates this about me!  His family wasn't huge on celebrating things.  Well I celebrate EVERYTHING!!!  With that being said, the next holiday is St. Patrick's Day!!  I can't wait to dress my little man up in everything green!  Check back next week to see my favorite St. Patrick's Day gear for your little guy!

Four. Closet Sale
I am considering doing a closet sale.  I have LOTS of Express pants new with tags, some maternity dresses that were barley worn, shirt, tunics, sweaters, shoes of all kinds that have only been worn once, and some of Nicks baby and toddler clothing and shoes that are in great condition!  Please let me know if you would be interested in this.  I am only going to do it if there is enough interest!!  You can either email me privately @ or leave a comment on the blog to let me know!!

Five. Carl Edwards
There is no discussion needed for him.  Just look at the picture and take it all in!

Happy Friday All.

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