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Back in a routine and a facelift.

Monday, February 24, 2014

So glad the 's' word is gone... you all know what I'm talking about... that sickening white cold stuff that falls from the sky and then the ice comes and your whole state shuts down for 3 days!
Hopefully we won't have anymore of the 's' word this winter.

We are back in a routine here at the Pruitt house.  Thank goodness.  I think Nicklas has inherited my OCDness because he thrives when on a schedule but when he is not on a schedule it is not good.  Like mommy like son.

Monday was my sweet cousin Kendyl's 17th Birthday!  We sent this picture to her early Monday morning to wish her a very Happy Birthday.  We love you Kendyl!

Monday night Nicklas and Jamie hung out and played for a little while.

Nicklas has started gravitating more to his daddy when he wants to play.  He comes to me when he is upset or tired!  

On Tuesday night Jamie was invited to the NC State/Clemson Basketball game.

Nicklas and I tried to find daddy but after we saw the score we decided he was probably crying so we quit looking.

My daddy picked up Nicklas from 'school' on Tuesday since Jamie was already heading to Clemson.  We stayed and had dinner with my family and hung out with them for most of the evening.  

We had a great time.  Nicklas and Brooke are wearing matching shirts that Grand daddy got them!  Thanks Dad, Mom, and Kellyn for dinner and for letting us hang out with yall!! 

On the way home from my parents me and Nicklas listened to one of my all time favorite songs!!  Love me some Meatloaf!

This was my view on the way to work Wednesday morning.  It makes it very hard to get motivated in the morning....

Wednesday evening when we all made it home for the day it was in the low 70's outside.  Jamie decided to take Nicklas outside while I cooked dinner and started training him early.

Thursday evening Nicklas got bored while I was cooking dinner so he started looking for new 'clubhouse'.

On Friday Kellyn and Brooklyn came over and visited and had lunch with us!

I also had to use the time out chair for the first time on Friday because Nicklas hit his Aunt K.  The first time he did it I gave him a warning.  He did it a second time and I put him in time out.  He got up immediately so I sat him back down and then he stayed seated for about 30 seconds.  He came back into the kitchen and acted like a different child.  I call that success.

Kellyn and Brooke came back over on Saturday morning.  Jamie was hunting with friends.  

Sunday morning we all woke up planning on going to church but Nicklas had a really bad runny nose and a low grade fever so Jamie went to church alone and me and Nicklas stayed home.

This pic was take right after I gave him some Motrin.  He just wasn't himself.

After about 30 min I guess the Motrin kicked in because he started playing some.

I mean doesn't everyone put their fire trucks in the laundry baskets.

We haven't really played much with puzzles yet mostly because I was afraid of losing all the pieces, yes I know OCD.  Anyway, last night I got out a puzzle that played noises made by Melissa and Doug that I would highly recommend.  It kept Nicklas entertained for about 45 minute and he started mocking the sounds of the animals!!  LOVE!!

Sunday evening the pastor of the church we have been visiting and his wife came by our house to visit.  I am so happy we started visiting this church.  Jamie and I feel as thought it is a perfect fit for our family and we both really want to get involved.  We are joining this Sunday and I am so, so excited.  

Sunday night we were all tired of waiting for the NASCAR race to start.

I am very glad Nicklas and I fell asleep and didn't see the end of the race... and thats all I am going to say about that!!

I did my first chalk board art... not perfect but I'm proud of it!

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I hope everyone has a wonderful week.


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