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Another snow week.... GRRRRR......

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

At this moment Nicklas is taking a nap, I am still in my pj's and it is snowing outside.... ugh....  I am tired of snow... bring on spring!!
Anyway... on my last blog I left off with me in the bed with the stomach bug.  It was bad.
Yep... that bad....
Jamie took Nicklas outside to play when our friends matt and aundrea stopped by.


Thankful he was able to get outside while it was so nice.
That Sunday was super bowl Sunday.  I watched it in bed and Nicklas and Jamie watched it together.
Nicklas thought it was boring so he decided to do some house work.
Nicklas is growing up soo much.  He loves sitting in my chair to watch his favorite shows and eat snacks!
We visited Renfrew Baptist Church again on Sunday and loved it as much as we did the first time.  Doesn't Nicklas look so handsome in his Sunday best.



On Sunday after church and Nicks nap we decided to take Nicklas to the park.  He wasn't crazy about the slides and stuff so we took him to the football field and he just ran and ran.  He had a great time.
Last night my family invited us over to have roast.  It was so yummy.
After dinner the kids played.


They love each other so much.
I'm glad we got out of the house on Sunday because we are expecting a HUGE snow storm and are probably going to be locked in the house until the weekend... have I mentioned I HATE SNOW.

I sent Kellyn this picture of Nicklas watching it snow...

and she sent me this picture of Brooklyn watching it snow.  Twins!!
So as for an update on my weight loss... I have lost 25 pounds!!!!
Last Friday Nicklas and I went to Fountain Inn to visit Nannan and Pupol and Nannan and I decided to go shopping.  I had to buy a smaller size in jeans!!  That is 2 jean sizes I have lost!!  I am so proud of myself!  15 more pounds to go but it has gotten sooo much easier because I have found so many new low carb recipes!!
I hope everyone has a good snow week... hope you all have your bread and milk! hehe!!

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