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17 Months, snowmaggedon, and Valentines!

Monday, February 17, 2014

So when I left off we were stuck inside because of the snow storm.  Well it only got worse... Jamie was told not to come into work on Wednesday because of the snow.  Imagine if you will... a 17 month old, me, and Jamie all locked in the house... no where to go... yah that was fun!  Jamie also was told not to come into work until 1:00 pm on Thursday...  he was on stand by though.... I came very close to calling in an imaginary leak! HA!

At first Nicklas wouldn't walk in the snow but he got used to it!  He cried when we brought him inside!

There was one sweet little boy who loved having mommy and daddy home!

He also LOVED watching it snow outside.

On Thursday Feb. 13th Nicklas turned 17 months old.
Here is whats going on with him:
* Still in size 18 month clothes and 24 month pj's
* Just bought his first pair of size 5 shoes
* Still in size 4 diaper
* Goes to bed between 8 and 8:30 and wakes up about 6:30
* Talks all the time, I can't even keep up with everything he is saying
* Will give you a kiss if you ask for one
* Has just started blowing kisses
* Shakes hands and gives high five
* I smell his feet and wave my hand in front of my nose and say shewww, so now he smells mine and Jamies feet and does the same thing.
* Eats just about everything except peanut butter, we are waiting til age 2 to try b/c I was allergic as a child
* Loves TV, his favorites are Paw Patrol, Handy Mandy, Sheriff Callie, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and of course Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
* He sings the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song ALLL THE TIME!!!
* Freaks out if you leave a room or close a door on him.
* Still plays with our eye lashes while he is falling asleep.
* Loves to be read too.
* Has a temper and has started hitting.  We are doing time out for this and will see how it goes.
* Has started crying when we drop him off at day care, I have been told this is normal due to separation anxiety but it is killing me.
* Can open the gate from the kitchen to the living room that we use to keep our dogs in the kitchen and as soon as he comes in kitchen he goes straight for my tupper wear and throws it allll over.
* We have switched him from a high chair to a booster seat.

Such a big boy!

Friday was Valentines day.  I woke up to breakfast in bed and 2 sweet cards.

We decided it was best to take Nicklas to day care on Friday since he had already missed 3 days and they were having their school party on Friday.

I had lunch with this guy.

And since we were kid free we went to Target!  Ha!  I know... we are just oh so romantic.

Friday afternoon we had some surprise visitors who brought us Valentine goodies.

Thank you Ganna and Grand daddy!  Nicklas sent Ganna and Grand daddy home with a Valentine for his most favorite person and his sweet Valentine!

She called and told him thank you and that she loved him!!

For dinner on Valentines we ordered pizza and wore our Valentines pj's.

This weekend we hung out on the house on Saturday because Nicklas had a runny nose.  Saturday night we had to get out of the house so we went to Pizza Inn and then watched the new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

 Sunday we went to the church we had been visiting again and loved it.  I think we are going to talk to the preacher some time this week about joining.  The rest of Sunday was spent napping, golfing in the house and watching UP while falling asleep.  It was great.  I must be honest, I am glad to be back and work and have the normal routine back.  I pray for no more snow!

Kellyn sent me a picture from the kids playing together last week that I have to share.

I could eat them both.

I hope everyone has a great week.

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