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17 Month Favorite Things

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I have not done one of these post in a while but really want to get better at it so I can remember or give advice to other mommy's who are as clueless as I am!

One. Boon Grass Counter top Bottle Drying Rack.
I wish I had found this much sooner than I did.  We got this when Nicklas was about 6 months old and we LOVE it!  It is dishwasher safe and much more attractive to look at than other drying racks.  You can also fit lots of things on it at one time which is more time efficient.  If you have company coming over and don't want all your 'baby' things around you can throw it in a cabinet because it is a 'normal' size. You can find this product here Boon Grass Counter Top Drying Rack

Two. My First Library Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Board Books
I love reading!  I pray that Nicklas enjoys it as much as I do.  To help him get interested in reading I knew that I had to find some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Books.  Nicklas LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I found these precious little books and Nicklas loves them.  You can find this product here My First Library Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Three. Samsung Video Baby Monitor
My sweet Nannan bought this for Jamie and I as a baby shower gift.  We can not live without it.  I can literally see Nicklas breathing!!  You can not hear anything from the monitor unless it detects a 'loud' noise and it will start vibrating if there is a continuous loud noise.  It even wakes my husband up when it starts vibrating (which as many of you other moms know is hard to do!).  You can find this product here Samsung Video Baby Monitor System

Four. Munchkin Bubble Spout Guard
We bought this when Nicklas quit using his baby bath tub and started taking 'real' baths.  Nicks nursery is decorated in elephants so when I saw and elephant spout guard I snatched it right up!  You can put bubble bath in the elephants trunk and it will slowly drip it into running water!  Nicklas loves to 'tickle' his elephant and talk to him during his bath!  You can find this product here Munchkin Bubble Spout Guard

Five. B. Wheeee Is
My aunt and cousins bought these for Nicklas for his first birthday and he loves them.  They are bright colors which catch Nicks eye.  They are chunky so it is easy for little hands to grab them, pull them back, and let them go.  Each toy also makes its own noise.  One rattles, one squeaks, one chimes, and one rings.  They are great.  You can find this product here B. Wheeee Is

Six.  Gerber Graduates for Toddler Animal Crackers
We have just found these.  They have a cinnamon flavor and they are smaller than normal animal crackers.  Nicklas is addicted!!  I am a huge fan of Gerber Graduates and Nicklas usually has one of their products as a snack daily!  You can find this product here Gerber Graduates for Toddler Animal Crackers

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