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Monday, January 27, 2014

We have had a pretty stressful week around our house.
We had our roof re-done right after Christmas.  My amazing parents gave us a gift card for Christmas to actually cover our total deductible so we were not too worried about the cost.  As the roofers were working they called Jamie and asked him to come look at something and then Jamie called and told me we were going to have to come up with an extra $400.00.  Remember, this is RIGHT after Christmas so we didn't have 'extra' money just laying around.  Jamie's parents had given us $100 and his sister gave us $60 so that helped also.  My parents knew what was going on and how much Jamie and I were stressing about it so they gave us an extra $100 also.  We were told that we would be receiving $140 so we were happy and quit worrying.  Jamie told me sometime last week that the person who told us they would be giving us the $140 had told him that they WOULD NOT be giving it to us.  I just started crying.  Let me also say that this $140 was supposed to be part of a Christmas present but oh well.  I guess they needed it more than we did.  Anyway, Jamie had a friend at work who asked him to help take off some scrap metal.  On Friday Jamie called me and told me he had made $150.  I could not believe it.  Only GOD could have done that. 

Monday night it was in the 60's when I got home from work so I took Nick outside to play a little bit.

He would not get off the side walk... I actually had to pick him up and put him in the grass!! hahah!!

He just looked around... it was so funny!

On Tuesday night we went and had dinner with my parents.  My sweet sister made Meatloaf, it was wonderful!!  

We don't keep soft drinks at my house so when Nicklas saw a Dr. Pepper can he decided to pour it over his head.  Good excuse for Nick and Brooke to take a bath.

After bath time Brooke wanted to watch a movie!

Is she not the prettiest thing you have ever seen?!

Mom and Kellyn wanted to play too.

I love them so!

On Wednesday night I decided to make a low carb Beef Enchilada Pie.

Nicklas and Jamie both approved.

On Wednesday I made low carb Chicken Chimichangas - they were great also - I forgot to take a pic though!

After dinner it was play time!
Peek a boo is always a favorite!

Hard to tell in this pic but Nicklas had his first Oreo - His face was actually COVERED in chocolate!

He also fell asleep on me again on Friday.  Love it!

Saturday morning we watching some cartoons - Nicklas still loves Mickey but Paw Patrol is now a close second.

Daddy went hunting Saturday morning.  My 2 boys in camo... sigh.... I believe there will be a lot of camo in my future.

Nicklas had his second hair cut on Saturday.  He did a great job.  Thank goodness for puzzles.

Nicklas also experienced his very first car wash.  He FREAKED!  Jamie actually got him out of his car seat and held him until it was over.  Bless.

My satellite radio has been playing some good songs on my morning drive to work recently!

Sunday morning Jamie and I decided it was time for us to start visiting new churches.  We want to be a part of a church that has lots of kids Nicks age and does a lot of things with the youth.  We visited Renfrew Baptist Church and LOVED it!  Nicklas didn't want to even come to us when we went to pick him up after church.  He was having so much fun with the other toddlers!  We will be visiting again next Sunday!

I am also happy to announce I have lost 20.4 pounds since Jan. 1st!!  I am so proud of myself.  19.6 to go... more than half way there!!

Hope everyone has a great week! :)

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