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Monday, January 20, 2014

Last Tuesday Jamie ended up having to work late so my wonderful daddy left work early (3 ish) and went and picked up Nicklas and dropped him off with Kellyn and Brooklyn and then my poor daddy went all the way back to work.  Thank you daddy.

Kellyn and Brooklyn were asleep when Nick got there so Kellyn got up and they had a conversation about him waking her up.

Kellyn : "Nicklas you messed up my nap"
Nicklas : "uh oh"
Nick then puts his hand in Kellyns popcorn and laughs!
I love my monkey.

Trying to get his ball while Kellyn was babysitting.
Thanks Kellyn for watching him!  Your awesome!

Jamie ended up working really late that night so Nicklas and I hung out with my family.

Nicklas loved playing in Brookes 'club house' so much that he tried to find one at our house.

Sorry buddy... I think you need to keep looking... I believe you have outgrown that 'club house'

One night last week around 7:30 Nick came and jumped up in my lap and snuggled up to me.  I thought he was just wanting some loving but he was being very, very quite.

He has not done this in months.... We sat there for a good hour so I could cherish the moment.

On Saturday I woke up and started sweeping, swiffering, vacuuming, doing dishes, doing laundry, dusting, etc... this is what Jamie did.

Thanks for the help honey! :)

Last night Nicklas was playing in his castle minding his own business.  All of a sudden we heard a boom and then him crying.

Nicklas had his first bloody nose.  He only cried for a little bit and his nose didn't bleed for long at all.  This is the first of many bloody noses I'm sure.

I am still doing my no carb diet.  I have lost 17.8 pounds and one pants size.

I'm very proud of myself!  I am also doing toning exercises and I can tell that is helping!!  
23.2 more pounds to go!

Happy Monday!

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