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A look back at 2013 and what I have learned and hope to learn!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Honestly 2013 has by far been the best year of my life.  

Jamie and I are in a really good place ( I have to be honest, our first year of marriage was VERY difficult ) but once we learned what was important and what isn't important things have been great!  
Now, we communicate better and have the same goals in life.

We had Nicklas in 2012 but the first 3 months after having him were very hard for the obvious reasons.  Now we have a routine and he is so fun!  He has the best personalty.  I am so blessed to be his mommy!!

Also this year my parents moved 5 min. away from us!!  That is actually the best thing that happened in 2013 to me!!

I have a job that I LOVE!!  I work for a person who realizes family comes first and who treats me as an equal!  I also work with my best friends!!  I LOVE coming to work everyday!!

Here is a look back of some of my favorite pictures in 2013.

That sweet smile!

Time for bumpers.

Nicklas had bronchitis, had to start breathing treatments.

Nicks first tooth

Love napping with this sweet boy

Favorite picture of all time!

Blessed Nicklas got to meet Jamie's Grandfather.  We miss him so.

Brookes 2nd birthday party! Grandaddy made a funny clown.

Nicks Great Grandparents - Nannan and Pupol

Daddy Love.

Mothers Day.

Pool Time

Oil Changes are boring.

Aunt Debbie, Kendyl, and Mckayla fun!

Spaghetti is good!

Ribbit, Ribbit.

First Valentines Day.

Easter outing at church!... First time Nick wore shoes!

Trip to Georgia Aquarium.

First Dentist visit!

Apple orchard.

Ganna, Granddaddy, Aunt K and Brooklyn moved to TR!!

First Haircut!


Pappy Love.

Sleepy boy.

Nicklas spent the night away from home for the first and only time...


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