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16 months

Monday, January 13, 2014

Today Nicklas turned 16 months old... seriously... where did my baby go?  
He is such a big boy now and soo independent... which I know is a good thing... bug it makes me sad!!

"Oh hey mom... you need something?"

16 months stats:

*Still wearing 18 month clothes and 24 month pj's.  We have some 18 month pj's mixed in and his poor little stomach hangs out of them... bless!

*Still in size 4 shoe and size 4 diaper.

*Goes to bed between 8:30 and 9:00 - on weekends wakes up between 7:30 or 8:00 and on weekdays we have to wake him up at 6:30.

*LOVES food.  Eats anything we give him.

*LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Dora - We say he has a crush on Dora!

*Separation anxiety has started.  If we are somewhere other than home and I am standing up, Nicklas CRIES for me to hold him... I mean seriously throws a fit.  I rarely drop him off at day care anymore because of this.  He does not cry when Jamie leaves him.. just me.

*Has only spent the night away from me one time.  Probably won't be happening again for a long time either.

  *Jamie and I really don't leave Nicklas on weekends... we both work all week so we look forward to our weekends with Nicklas!!  Hey... he is only this age once and since we aren't having any more children we really want to savor our time with him!

*Nicklas talks up a storm. He says Hey, Bye, Uh Oh, Dog, Kitty Kitty, Momma, Dada, Grand Daddy, Bite, Night Night, Sassy, Eye (and points to his eye or your eye), No, Go, uh huh.

*At bed time while we are winding down Jamie and I will ask Nicklas crazy questions like " Do you love Daddy?" and Nicklas will go uh huh or no.  It is so funny!!  We crack up!

*When Nicklas hands you something he will make a noise that sounds like "here you go"

*Whenever you come in a room... even if you've only been gone for a minute... Nicklas will greet you with a big Hey and a smile!

*Nicklas LOVES music... If we are watching a show and he hears music he just stares and starts dancing!

*Will give me a kiss whenever I ask for one.

*Has started telling me when he is ready for a nap or bedtime by saying 'Night Night'

*When we go into the kitchen he will sneak around to the laundry room so he can play with Sassy and Toby!! He loves them soo much and he calls both of them Sassy!

*Has still only had water and milk.  When we are around Brooklyn he likes to drink our of her sippys!! Sneaky boy!

*Has the best personality!  He is so funny and will fake laugh at you if you are laughing!  He is so sweet!!  I am so blessed!

Nicklas and his best friend!!  They love each other soo much!

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