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Stomach bug.........

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

This was last week some time, my sweet boy just didn't want to wake up... He must get that from his mommy!

Nicklas LOVES his stool that my parents got him for his birthday!

He sits on it and watches Mickey..

Then he stands on it so he can see Mickey better!

Then we take some selfies... because thats what cool people do!  Ha!

We also LOVE to lay in the floor and watch Mickey!!  

Thursday night Nicklas started whining in his crib so I went and got him and laid him in bed with me and Jamie for a few minutes.  As I was getting ready to fall back asleep I heard Nicklas gagging.... then he threw up... everywhere...  I stripped him and gave him a bath while Jamie changed our sheets and started laundry.  Nicklas was no WIDE awake so me and him went into the living room and were watching tv when he threw up alllll over me.  I got most of that on me so I just changed his shirt and my clothes.  Me and him then went and laid down in bed and he fell asleep, Jamie slept on the couch.  He woke up the next morning and was fine.  I even gave him milk after lunch.  

Jamies work Christmas dinner was Friday night and my parents were supposed to be babysitting.  I was nervous about Nicklas being around Brooklyn but I honestly thought since he had milk and did ok that he was fine, So, Jamie and I went to his dinner at the Peddler and had a wonderful time.

Nicklas spent the evening with my parents!

Nicklas had a great time!  

Thanks mom, dad, Kellyn, and Brooklyn for taking such good care of him!

Kellyn even cooked for Nicklas... Thanks Kellyn, now both of my boys want you instead of me! :)

He loves his Aunt K!\

We have also had to say good bye to our pacis, Nicklas has started biting threw them.  He has not had a paci since Friday.  The only times we are having problems with it is nap time and bed time but he is getting better!

On Saturday my mom, dad, kellyn, brooklyn, Nicklas and I went to Fountian Inn to help my Nannan put up her Christmas decorations.  As you can see, we mostly played while Kellyn did all the work.  Poor Kellyn, shes always having to do everything! She did a great job though, Nannans house looks wonderful!

My sweet princess had her 7th birthday yesterday!!  I love her so!

We ended our weekend with the stomach bug.  Jamie woke up Monday morning with it, then as I started getting ready for work it hit me.  Thanks to Debra for coming over and watching Nicklas so that Jamie and I could rest up.

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