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Shopping and Haircuts

Monday, December 2, 2013

I started out my Thanksgiving holiday on Wednesday.  I did not have to work so my sister and I had breakfast together then did some shopping.

After shopping we went and picked up the kids and decided it was time for both of their first haircuts!!

Yes that is my little BOY in the first picture... I know... A haircut was WAY past due.

We were excited.

They did both kids at the same time so I don't have any pics of Brooklyn but I am very proud of both kids!!

Both of them just sat in their little chairs and played.

I would highly recommend Snip Its, we will be going back!

Before we took the kids to get hair cuts Kellyn helped my decorate my house for Christmas.

When I brought Nicklas home he was very surprised to see the tree!

Thanks Kellyn for your help!!

More post to come soon about our wonderful Thanksgiving!

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