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8 more days!!! :)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

We actually had a pretty busy weekend... which as most of you know I don't like!  When you work ALL week its nice to just lay around and play and watch movies during the weekend.

This is a pic Jamie sent me when they were both at home sick... even when he is sick he is the cutest thing ever... Nicklas.. Not Jamie!

Nicklas and Brooklyn alll dressed up!!!

Nicklas got an early Christmas present from my parents that he is in love with!!  After he makes a basket he just claps and claps!!  Thanks Grand daddy and Ganna!

On Saturday the Pruitt's had their annual Christmas dinner with all of them family.  There was lots of food and presents and a good time was had by all!

I LOVE this video... Kitty Kitty Meow is how we call the cats at Grand Daddy and Gannas house!  

Last night Jamie, Nicklas and I started a new family tradition.  The 3 of loaded up, picked up some Krystal and headed to Roper Mountain Christmas Lights.  Nicklas did such a great job sitting on Santas lap, I am so proud of him!!

He looks like such a big boy!!

Nicklas is doing a great job without his paci.  He is now just putting himself to bed at naptime and bed time!

I only have to work 3 more days then I am off for 2 weeks for Christmas, super excited!

Only 8 more days to Christmas! 

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