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15 months... a little late!

Monday, December 30, 2013

The day after Christmas Nicklas had his 15 month check up.
Our doctor said he should be saying about 2-3 meaningful words... well we have that beat!!
He talks up a storm!
At our doctors office they have a huge train table that Nicklas loves to play with.

I think Jamie likes it just as much as Nicklas does.
He had to get 3 shots at his doctors appointment so we came home and rested afterwards.
That evening Aunt Debbie, Kendyl and Mckayla came to visit so we went and exchanged Christmas presents with them at my moms house.
The next morning Nicklas and I woke up bright and early and headed to Nannans to spend the day with Nannan, Pupol, Aunt Debbie, Kendyl and Mckayla.
Kellyn and Brooklyn were sick so they didn't get to join us.  Nicklas loved spending time with the girls.  He enjoyed it so much that he didn't nap until 3:00, his normal nap time is about 11:00.


Aunt Debbie, Kendyl, Mckayla, we love ya'll very much, come back and visit very soon!!

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