The Jamie's + 1

15 months... a little late!

Monday, December 30, 2013

The day after Christmas Nicklas had his 15 month check up.
Our doctor said he should be saying about 2-3 meaningful words... well we have that beat!!
He talks up a storm!
At our doctors office they have a huge train table that Nicklas loves to play with.

I think Jamie likes it just as much as Nicklas does.
He had to get 3 shots at his doctors appointment so we came home and rested afterwards.
That evening Aunt Debbie, Kendyl and Mckayla came to visit so we went and exchanged Christmas presents with them at my moms house.
The next morning Nicklas and I woke up bright and early and headed to Nannans to spend the day with Nannan, Pupol, Aunt Debbie, Kendyl and Mckayla.
Kellyn and Brooklyn were sick so they didn't get to join us.  Nicklas loved spending time with the girls.  He enjoyed it so much that he didn't nap until 3:00, his normal nap time is about 11:00.


Aunt Debbie, Kendyl, Mckayla, we love ya'll very much, come back and visit very soon!!

Christmas 2013

Thursday, December 26, 2013

When we woke up on Christmas morning we were very excited to see what Santa had brought Nicklas.

Somebody was a very good boy this year!!





Santa also left something for Mommy!!
Christmas day was spent with my family!



Everyone got a lot of things and more importantly we got to spend some quality time together.  Both of my parents work a lot of hours so Jamie, Nicklas and I really enjoy getting to spend time with them!! 
Hope everyone else had a very Merry Christmas!!

The week before Christmas!

Gotta do some catch up about all of our Christmas activities/traditions.
On Wednesday night (the week before Christmas) after I got home from work my in laws met us at our house and we went to Hollywild.
None of the pictures I have turned out real great but Nicklas LOVED it.
He just laughed and laughed.
He even fed one of the GIGANTIC cows.
We pulled up to Santas Village and were getting ready to walk in when I noticed lots of screaming and people running.  Dewayne (Poppy) was holding Nicklas.  People actually started jumping fences and throwing their children over fences so I grabbed Nicklas and ran 3 rows back into the parking lot. After I got to what I thought was a safe distance I turned around to see what was actually happening and a bull had gotten loose.  People were running, crying, hiding, sitting on top of port-a-potties, it was unreal.  No one was hurt, thank goodness, but we decided to go ahead and head home.
Friday of last week Kellyn had to go to the doctor so I got to babysit book for a lil bit!

She is such a sweet little princess!
On Monday Kellyn had to babysit Nicklas for a doctors appointment that I had.




Thanks so much Kellyn for helping out.  With the scary morning I had it was good to know that Nicklas was in such good hands.
I wasn't sure I was going to post about what my doctor appointment was about but I am keeping this as a family journal so I do want to remember.  I had been noticing a small lump on my left breast for about 6 months so after talking to my doctor she decided because of my family history and because it was bothering me that it would be best just to get it checked.  On Monday I had a mammogram and ultrasound and everything came out clear!!  Praise the Lord!
On Christmas Eve we always have dinner at my inlaws house.


Nicklas had a wonderful time and so did his mommy and daddy.  Grammie cooked a wonderful meal and we all exchanged gifts.  It was great.  We are very loved!