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Lots of people feeding us!!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

We have had a pretty busy weekend... which I have failed to take lots of pictures of....

On Friday night Grammie and Poppy had us over for dinner.  

On Saturday we went to a Pruitt reunion.

Nicklas had his very first turkey and cheese sandwich with some chips, he loved!

This sweet boy loves his poppy!

After eating everyone wanted to hear some singing... Dewayne didn't mind that at all!

Somebody saw his daddy working the sound!!

Let me go uncle kevin... gotta help my daddy!

Aunt Karen joined Dewayne in some singing!

Nicklad helped his daddy work the sound!

Then he played in the floor!

Sunday night Aunt K fixed everybody tacos!!

And tonight she is making chili - LOVE having her so close... not only because she cooks... well... maybe!! hahahahahahah!!!

This morning when I dropped nicklas off at school I was told he was going to be moved up to the toddler room... I cried.  

Its hard being soo cute!

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