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Bedtime Stories and Girls Day

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

On Friday Kellyn and Brooklyn came over and we made a trip to Target.

Are they not the 2 cutest kids you have ever seen in your life?!

I found a new addiction!! 

After Target Kellyn, Jamie, and I had movie night!!  It was a lot of fun!

On Saturday my wonderful Mommy took my sister and I out for a girls day!

It was wonderful!

My amazing daddy babysat both kids... Jamie was working with his dad.

Ganna is working on finding Nicklas a more 'manly' chair!

When we got home my daddy had Nicklas asleep and Brooklyn ready to fall asleep... They must have had a lot of fun!!

We ended up spending the entire day with my family!!

Nicklas and Brooklyn have so much fun together!

We ordered pizza and watched some football.

Sunday we laid around the house all day and did laundry and got ready for the week!  

St. Nick LOVES his new pj's!

Last night Nicklas and I caught up on some reading!

I LIVE for moments like this!!

I am so blessed to be his mommy!

In other news... I only have 3 more presents to buy for Christmas!!  Woo Hoo!!

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