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14 Months, Toddler Class and an UH OH!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Nicklas got moved up to the toddler class yesterday at school.  I was told he did wonderful...  It was hard for him to fall asleep because he no longer has a crib, he now sleeps on a mat and we send him a pillow and blanket, but I was told his sweet teacher laid down beside him and rubbed his back until he fell asleep.  I was also told that he did great eating lunch in the cafeteria with the big kids and that when he went outside for recess he wasn't sure what to do!!  HAH!  

He also had a little UH OH yesterday.
While his sweet teacher was changing a diaper, my dare devil monkey decided to climb up on a chair and take a nose dive off of it.

He has a bump on his forehead and a little busted lip.

I had noticed him starting to climb things at home so I knew it was going to happen sooner or later!

He still acted like his happy self so I'm not too concerned, Lord knows having a boy this will be the start of a very long list of bumps and bruises!

Super nervous excited to start the journey into the toddler room!!

Today is Nicklas' 14 month birthday!  

*Nicklas eats just about anything... Only turned down cinnamon rolls and strawberry apple sauce.
*Drinks 3 sippys of milk a day
*Still hasn't had juice, only drinks water!
*Only crawls when he wants to get somewhere fast!
*Still plays with mine and Jamies eyelashes when he is falling asleep.
*Size 4 Diapers
*Size 4 Shoes
*Size 18 month clothes
*Goes to bed around 9 or 10, wakes up around 6:30
*In the toddler room at school they only take one nap, this makes me nervous
*LOVES Mickey Mouse Club House
*Loves Grandaddy and Poppy, he lights up when they are around and pushes me away to get to him. (they are the only 2 people he pushes me away for)
*Says mama, dada, girl, dog, cat, hey, bye, uh oh, eat, bite, paci, patty (for patty cake), and I swear he has said Sassy (which makes my heart smile)
*Can high five, shake hands and play patty cake
*Will give me a kiss when I ask for one
*When I tell him no he will shake his head at me and laugh
*Will follow me or come to me when I say come here
*Still has not spent the night away from me (actually the only time he has been away from me or Jamie when we are not working is on our 3 year anniversary and he was only a month old)

Funny story.  We DVR'd the country music awards so we could all watch it together.  When Carrie Underwood came on to perform Nicklas kept pointing at the TV saying girl, girl, OVER AND OVER again!!  We cracked up!  Hey, at least he has amazing taste!! :)

I'll leave you with something very depressing.

Seriously.... it is WAY to early for snow... it actually snowed while I was at work yesterday and when I was driving home... OVER IT!

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