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Grandaddy and Ganna live 5 minutes away... HOORAY!!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Jamie was on call last week so on Tuesday Grandaddy picked up Nicklas and took him to my parents new house to check and see how the painters were doing.

Nicklas loves his Grandaddy so much!!  When Grandaddy is around no one else matters!!

Bless him.... He feel asleep in the car as soon as we left Grandaddy - Mommy is boring!

Wednesday was picture day at school, I really wanted Nicklas to wear his Toms in the pictures but he would rather take them off and play with them.  He had to wear his New Balances instead... they tie up so he can't get them off!

Mrs. Jaime, Nicks wonderful teacher, told me he did great for his pictures!!

Grandaddy, Ganna, Kellyn, and Brooklyn moved into their new house on Thursday.  They now live like 5 minutes away from us!!  This is the first time in 5 years we have lived less than 30 minutes from each other.  I am sooo excited!!

Thursday they all went and picked up Nicklas!!  

Look how excited these 2 are about living so close together!

Brookes new puppy Harper also went and picked up Nicklas - Nicklas was very excited!!

Kellyn made everyone Red Beans and Rice Friday night.  One of the many reasons I'm excited about them living closer.... My sister LOVES to cook and is a great cook!!!  Jamie jokes all the time about how he picked the wrong sister!!  HAHA!!

While we were sitting the table Nicklas, Brooklyn, and Granddaddy watched some TV.

On Saturday Nicklas, Kellyn, Brooklyn and I went to a pumpkin patch.  No pictures were taken because it was a failure.  We did get 2 cute pumpkins for the kids and some Raisin Cinnamon Bread that is delicious.  Other than that we drove and hour both ways for nothing!  Oh well, quality time!!

Yesterday my mom, dad, and Jamie did some more unloading at the new house while Nicklas and I hung out in our pj's all day.  We did go visit everyone for about an hour last night while they were unloading things from the last trip!

Nicklas was so tired from the weekend that he slept until 9:30 on Sunday and then took a 3 hour nap and didn't eat lunch until 3:00! 

Also wanted to document that Nicklas will give me a kiss when I ask for one!!  LOVE THIS!!  I do it all day long!! :) 

We are so happy to have my family back to close to us!!!
Have a great week!

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