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2 weekend catch up!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Last weekend we did some chores around the house.

Nicklas loves helping daddy.

Nicklas and I had a fun lunch together.

Nicklas had a SCARY bug bite.

Jamie took him to the doctor for this.  It was an infected mosquito bite.

Nicklas climbed some stuff.

On Friday Jamie and I took Nicklas to his first dental appointment.  I know its not 'necessary' yet but I am OCD AND a dental assistant who has seem some SCARY things so we took him!

He did AWESOME!!  and his teeth look great!  

After the dentist Nicklas had his very first meal from Chick Fil A!  He loved it!!

Then we tagged along with some sweet friends, Matt and Aundrea, to a apple orchard.

We had a great time!

We stopped by to visit Grammie and Poppy after that.

Nicklas played kick ball with Poppy.

On Saturday we went to Fountain Inn to go to Aunt Het Festival.

It was HOT!

Nannan, Pupol, and Brooklyn wore Nicklas out!!

Have a great week.

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