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Red Velvet Cupcakes and a Fair!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

We had a FABULOUS weekend!!

Last Wednesday my sweet co workers took me out to eat for my birthday and even made me some red velvet cupcakes.  I of course took one home for Nicklas...

He loved it!!!  Ate the whole thing... his bath water was RED that night!  HA!!

On Saturday Jamie and I decided to take Nicklas to the fair... we invited my mom, dad, and Brooklyn to go with us.

Both kids LOVED the carousel.

Then the kids road pony's.  After Brooklyn got off her horse she kissed him and said bye bye... so sweet.

We met some sea lions!

The kids bonded.  Nicklas relaxed. Brooklyn ate ice cream.  Nicklas drooled over Brooklyns ice cream.

A good time was had by all!!

I would like to leave you with a picture of how Brooklyn and Nannan exercise.

Nick turns one on Friday and his party is on Saturday so get ready for birthday posts!!!!

If you read and enjoy my blog please comment!!  I would love to know who reads this... I know my family doesn't (BOO)!  :)  Thank you!

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