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Nicklas is one!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Nicklas turned on on Sept. 13.  I CAN'T believe it!!  

He weighs 23 lbs.
He is 32 inches tall.
He is in size 4 diapers.
He wears size 4 shoe.
He eats table food.
He does not take a bottle anymore, he now takes whole mild 3 times a day.
The only other beverage he gets is water.
He usually wakes up around 7 and goes to bed around 9.
He says dog, momma, Dada, hey, bye, no, bite and patty cake.
He waves hello and good bye.
He shakes hands and plays patty cake.
He claps whenever you say yay!
He has never spent the night away from home and I don't expect this to happen for a very long time!!
He LOVES going to school!

Nicks first sippy of milk.  He is now feeding it to himself but this was the first night!  He did great!  Never cried for the bottle at all!

On Thursday I took off work because Nicklas had a doctors appointment with the surgeon to double check what they thought was a hernia... turns out its nothing!!  

After that we went to have lunch with my family and then my dad babysat Nicklas and Brooklyn and my mom, Kellyn, and I went about bought all the food for Nicks birthday party!!

This is what Nicklas looked like when we got home from shopping... Grand daddy and Brooklyn wore him out!!

Nicklas had so much fun playing with Penny... she is such a good cat, she just let Nicklas grab and touch!  He loved it!!

On Friday morning when we woke up I made Jamie go get some donuts for Nicks special birthday breakfast!

We put a candle in it and sang Happy Birthday!!

He ate the whole donut... and I let him!!  

That evening Matt and Andrea came over to give Nicklas his birthday present.

He loved it!!  We are blessed to have sweet Matt and Andrea in our lives! :)

The day of Nicks birthday we took some family pics!!  Nick did a wonderful job.  Can't wait to share those on my blog!

Coming up next.... BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!

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