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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nicklas had a wonderful time at his birthday party!
Thanks to everyone who made it special!!

Saturday night when we got home from his party his high chair was A MESS... so Nicklas and I had a picnic.

Then we tried on some shoes and played with our new toys!

I actually bought this ball pit for the party, Well... now its in our living room!

Uncle Kevin came over on Thursday night to watch the Clemson / NC State game.

Nicklas cheers for NC State... Kevin cheers for that other team! 
Clemson won.. but NC State was cheated... anyway...

On Friday Nicklas got dressed in a new outfit and new shoes to go to his 1 year old check up.

In the waiting room we played with some toys!

Nicklas had to get 4 shots... including the flu shot... it was not fun!

I bought him Sonic for lunch on the way home as a treat... we don't eat many 'happy meals' in our house.  I mean... they don't serve veggies with them!  Yes... I'm crazy...

Nicklas ran a low grade fever on Friday and Saturday so we hibernated.

Aunt K and Brooklyn came and visited us on Saturday.

I LOVE how much they love each other!  

My mom and dad also brought Nicks birthday present that hadn't arrived by the time of his party!
I die... so cute!!  Love me some Toms!

I also taught Nicklas to stick out his tongue... Jamie hates it... Probably the main reason I am so proud of it! HA

Monday night we went to a church revival that Dewayne and Debra's gospel group, Wells of Joy, sang at.  I dressed Nicklas like a frat boy!

Toms again... yes I'm addicted!

This morning Nicklas sent a pic to his Ganna, Grandaddy, and Kellyn of him in one of his new outfits they got him!

I'll leave you with what my friend Lindsey and I are doing at lunch these days!

Work it.. Work it!!!

Happy Fall!

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