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Dr. Seuss

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My mom took a few pics from Nicks 1st birthday party so I decided to go ahead and post some!!

Nicks cake... it was delicious.  The chalkboard behind it has all of his stats and what he is into... I made it myself!!

Nicks smash cake was green eggs and ham!! :)

Drink and dessert table.  We had moose juice and goose juice.  Also we had sweet tea... I didn't know it was coming so I didn't have time to create a cute name.

For food we had:

Hot dogs - Go 'hot' dog go
Chili - Hash and Mash
Popcorn - Hop on Pop
Chocolate covered pretzels - Green eggs and ham ( Nice job k)
Sprinkled chocolate donuts - Sprinkles here there and everywhere
Fruit bowls - Red fruit, blue fruit, green fruit
Elephant shaped chocolate chip cookies - Horton hears a who

We had a banner with his monthly pictures.

Brooklyn was "Miss Thing" and most of my family wore Dr. Seuss shirts, Jamie and I were Thing Mom and Thing Dad.

Nicks first outfit was presh!!  

Nicks smash cake outfit... I was pretty angry in the above 2 pics!

Nicklas loved his cake!

Nicklas got some wonderful gifts... we are blessed to have family and friends who love nicklas as their own!

It was a packed house!!!

Its not a party until someone eats cake with their hands and gets stuck in the ball pit!! :)

 Miss Thing was WORE out!!