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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Let me start off by wishing my 2 favorite cousins Kendyl and McKayla a wonderful Junior and Sophomore year of school!

Aren't they gorgeous??  

This is the group convo my Aunt Debbie, Kellyn and I had after she sent the pic!  HA!!

Ok, time to wipe my tears and get on with this post!

Nicklas and I had a wonderful surprise on Thursday morning... We had gone back to sleep for our morning nap when the dogs started going crazy and I heard a knock at my door.  It was Brooklyn and Kellyn... Nicklas and I were soo excited.

They 4 of packed up and went to meet my daddy at lunch then to Hobby Lobby.

gotta do what you gotta do! :)

Aunt J bought her favorite niece some M&M's... and Brooklyn was nice enough to leave one in  Nicks toy box for him!!  

Nicklas did a lot of playing this week and he is finally using his walker for the right thing!!  HA!!!  

Nicklas has also started table food this weekend... my mom said I was making him fall behind by still making him eat baby food so when her and my dad came over on Saturday I made her feed him a grilled cheese and some bananas!

Sweet boy LOVES eating like a big boy!!  He is trying 'school' lunch today... I'm a nervous wreck!

I also got crafty and made a chalk board this week!

I'm so proud and it was so easy!!

I'll leave you with the rules for dating my son!! 

Have a good week! ;)

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