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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Once again we had a pretty low key weekend.  I have Fridays off so Nicklas and I usually lay around and do laundry, watch tv, etc.  Well this Friday was an extra special Friday because Nicklas slept until 8:30... PRAISE THE LORD!

Dinner time at our house is a lot more fun now that Nicklas is eating table food.

Jamie and I used to eat in the living room in front of the TV so Nicklas could play while we ate... well now that he is eating whatever I make for dinner we all eat at the dinner table.  I used to dream of being able to do this with a little one!!

Nicklas eats anything I give him.  He loves food.  So glad that he eats like I do and not like his daddy.  His daddy is VERY picky.. Jamie does not eat vegetables at all.  He did not even try pasta until he married me.  Jamies mom would make a different meal for every kid... um... not happening at my house.  You eat what is served.. the end.  I don't think that will be a problem with Nicklas.  He LOVES green peas, green beans, corn, pizza, spaghetti, chicken nuggets, corn dogs, etc.  He has not turned down anything yet.  He is not crazy about strawberry apple sauce though, but he will eat it.

Eating is serious business.

Nicklas had spaghetti this weekend for dinner.  I thought Jamie was about to have a heart attack.  I have heard that when Jamie was little he could not stand to be dirty... well I guess that has carried on to how he feels about his child being dirty.  I took Nicks shirt off and let him go wild in the spaghetti.  Jamie had to actually get up from the table! HA!!

I LOVED IT!!  We did take a bath right after though!!

On Saturday we went and visited with poppy.

Nicklas and poppy had a wonderful time watching the Nascar race together.

Last night Jamie and I started reading the Love Dare book together.  I am excited about it!!

Have a good week!

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