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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

This week has been pretty entertaining.  It all started when we got home from work on Tuesday.  I noticed it was pretty warm when I walked inside the house but just about my normal routine.  Jamie came in and went straight for the thermostat... it was 88 degrees in our house!  Needless to say that we all packed up and went to stay at Jamies parents house.  We all includes me, Jamie, Nicklas, Sassy, and Toby.  All 5 of us slept on a fold out couch... Nicklas is the only one who got any sleep!! haha!!

Nicklas had finally started using his sippy cup on his own!  I am so excited.  He has never held his own bottle so I really thought that the sippy cup was going to be a battle!

Nicklas and Daddy have lots of fun games they play together!!  It is so cute seeing how Nicks face lights up when Jamie walks in the room!!  They are such buddies!

He loves playing with Mommy too!!

Nicklas has really started mastering the whole pulling up thing!!  He will even let go and stand just for a second... I know he will be walking any day now... I'm not ready....

This was my drive to work this morning... I wanted to turn around and go right back to bed....

Have a good week everyone! :)

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