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30 things I've learned by 30 years old!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

I have seen other people do these post and started thinking about what I have learned... Some of it is very random but I thought it would be fun to look back on!!

My Husband:
  • Good husbands are hard to come by... I am lucky to have a great one.
  • Marriage is HARD and its normal to argue... its how you handle the arguments that matter.
  • I fell in love with my husband even more when I saw how much he loved our son.
  • I realized my husband was going to be an amazing father when he had to do EVERYTHING for Nicklas and I after my C-Section and he did so with no complaints... and some of the things he had to do were NOT pretty.
  • The best thing my husband has ever said to me was that he didn't know what love was until we had Nicklas.
  • Hearing my husband make Nicklas belly laugh in the next room is the best sound ever.
  • Nothing is better than a Sunday afternoon watching NASCAR with my husband..

Being a Mommy:
  • Being a parent has made me realize what really is important in life.
  • You can love something so much it hurts.  Physically and emotionally the most intense feeling I have ever felt is the love for my child.
  • Watching your child sleep is one of life's simplest joys.
  • Becoming a parent makes you see your own parents in a whole new light.
  • I used to say I would NEVER want to be my mom... now I strive to be her.

My Sissy:
  • Having a sister is a very special thing.
  • Having a sister you can text anytime of the day random memories or quotes is priceless.
  • Seeing my sister as a wonderful mother makes my heart melt.
  • Having a sister who will talk to you when you drive home from work is priceless.

  • Having a daddy you can call about anything is one of the best things in my life.
  • Cereal is totally suitable for dinner when your husband isn't home for dinner.
  • Never underestimate the power of old rap music that reminds you of high school to instantly make your day better.
  • Tanning beds are trashy and you will pay for using them later.
  • There is nothing better than a good book.
  • Also, there is nothing better than a good, trashy, gossip magazine.
  • I LOVE spending the day at my Nannan and Pupols house.
  • Having a friend that you can talk to about all of the interesting things that happen to your body as you get older is extremely important.
  • Sometimes its better to just smile and nod and let someone think their right... even when they are not. 
  • DVR is the best invention... EVER!
  • Go to Church - Feed your soul!
  • Family is everything.
  • I have really been stressing about my 30th birthday when I should really be thanking GOD for everyday I am given on this earth.
  • 30 is the new 20... right?!
Happy 30th Birthday to Me!!

Spaghetti is fun

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Once again we had a pretty low key weekend.  I have Fridays off so Nicklas and I usually lay around and do laundry, watch tv, etc.  Well this Friday was an extra special Friday because Nicklas slept until 8:30... PRAISE THE LORD!

Dinner time at our house is a lot more fun now that Nicklas is eating table food.

Jamie and I used to eat in the living room in front of the TV so Nicklas could play while we ate... well now that he is eating whatever I make for dinner we all eat at the dinner table.  I used to dream of being able to do this with a little one!!

Nicklas eats anything I give him.  He loves food.  So glad that he eats like I do and not like his daddy.  His daddy is VERY picky.. Jamie does not eat vegetables at all.  He did not even try pasta until he married me.  Jamies mom would make a different meal for every kid... um... not happening at my house.  You eat what is served.. the end.  I don't think that will be a problem with Nicklas.  He LOVES green peas, green beans, corn, pizza, spaghetti, chicken nuggets, corn dogs, etc.  He has not turned down anything yet.  He is not crazy about strawberry apple sauce though, but he will eat it.

Eating is serious business.

Nicklas had spaghetti this weekend for dinner.  I thought Jamie was about to have a heart attack.  I have heard that when Jamie was little he could not stand to be dirty... well I guess that has carried on to how he feels about his child being dirty.  I took Nicks shirt off and let him go wild in the spaghetti.  Jamie had to actually get up from the table! HA!!

I LOVED IT!!  We did take a bath right after though!!

On Saturday we went and visited with poppy.

Nicklas and poppy had a wonderful time watching the Nascar race together.

Last night Jamie and I started reading the Love Dare book together.  I am excited about it!!

Have a good week!

Time Flies....

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Let me start off by wishing my 2 favorite cousins Kendyl and McKayla a wonderful Junior and Sophomore year of school!

Aren't they gorgeous??  

This is the group convo my Aunt Debbie, Kellyn and I had after she sent the pic!  HA!!

Ok, time to wipe my tears and get on with this post!

Nicklas and I had a wonderful surprise on Thursday morning... We had gone back to sleep for our morning nap when the dogs started going crazy and I heard a knock at my door.  It was Brooklyn and Kellyn... Nicklas and I were soo excited.

They 4 of packed up and went to meet my daddy at lunch then to Hobby Lobby.

gotta do what you gotta do! :)

Aunt J bought her favorite niece some M&M's... and Brooklyn was nice enough to leave one in  Nicks toy box for him!!  

Nicklas did a lot of playing this week and he is finally using his walker for the right thing!!  HA!!!  

Nicklas has also started table food this weekend... my mom said I was making him fall behind by still making him eat baby food so when her and my dad came over on Saturday I made her feed him a grilled cheese and some bananas!

Sweet boy LOVES eating like a big boy!!  He is trying 'school' lunch today... I'm a nervous wreck!

I also got crafty and made a chalk board this week!

I'm so proud and it was so easy!!

I'll leave you with the rules for dating my son!! 

Have a good week! ;)

11 Months :(

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Nicklas turned 11 months old on the 13th... I feel like I don't have a baby anymore.

11 month stats:
-Still in size 4 diapers
-Still is size 4 shoes
-Still wearing 18 month clothes and 24 month pajamas
-Still eating mostly baby food... Oatmeal for breakfast, Baby bullet adult food for lunch with a fruit and baby bullet adult food for dinner with a veggie and fruit.
-Snacks on baby mum mums and gerber graduates cookies, cheetos, yogurt bites and puffs.
-Loves peek a boo and patty cake
-Says momma, dada, boo, bye, hey, uh oh, dog, bird and ball.
-LOVES face timing with Aunt K, Brooklyn, Ganna, and Grandaddy
-Is taking 2 naps a day.
-Has 8 teeth - 5 on top (his centrel and lateral incisors and a one year molar) and 3 on bottom (central and lateral incisors)
-LOVES when I smell his feet and act like the stink real bad!!  He thinks its hilarious!!
I have this week off of work so Monday we went and spent the day with Aunt K, Brooklyn, Ganna, and Grandaddy!

All of this playing made monkey very tired.
This is the first time that he napped for more than 30 min in his crib!!
Nicklas LOVES toby!!
We are in birthday planning mode at our house... Who am I kidding... I have been planning his birthday party since he was 6 months old!  His party is planned... just have to buy all the food!!  Invitaions are going out next week!!  I am soo excited but at the same time very sad!  I will probably cry all day long the day he turns 1!!  I am so blessed to be his mommy!

Monkey is standing!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

This week has been pretty entertaining.  It all started when we got home from work on Tuesday.  I noticed it was pretty warm when I walked inside the house but just about my normal routine.  Jamie came in and went straight for the thermostat... it was 88 degrees in our house!  Needless to say that we all packed up and went to stay at Jamies parents house.  We all includes me, Jamie, Nicklas, Sassy, and Toby.  All 5 of us slept on a fold out couch... Nicklas is the only one who got any sleep!! haha!!

Nicklas had finally started using his sippy cup on his own!  I am so excited.  He has never held his own bottle so I really thought that the sippy cup was going to be a battle!

Nicklas and Daddy have lots of fun games they play together!!  It is so cute seeing how Nicks face lights up when Jamie walks in the room!!  They are such buddies!

He loves playing with Mommy too!!

Nicklas has really started mastering the whole pulling up thing!!  He will even let go and stand just for a second... I know he will be walking any day now... I'm not ready....

This was my drive to work this morning... I wanted to turn around and go right back to bed....

Have a good week everyone! :)