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Monkey is crawling!!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My sweet monkey is crawling....  And yes the first time he crawled I cried!!
He doesn't straighten out his right leg a whole lot... Jamie and I both think this is because of the hernia.
We go to the surgeon in a week to see if that is the case.

We actually had a pretty low key weekend because I wasn't feeling real great!  

Jamie worked ALL weekend so Nicklas and I stayed in our pajamas and played!!

I found this cute bin to put all of Nicks toys in... He likes having me clean everything up then dumping it over... he laughs and claps!!

Nick loves when his daddy comes home and plays with him!

Nick loves 'the claw'... He giggles the entire time!! 

Nick has also started pulling up on things more!

He really tries to get up on the couch if Toby is up there... Toby doesn't like that so much!

We had to lower Nicks crib this weekend.  He will roll over onto his stomach and then sit up and then pull up on the crib.  I had dreams of him falling after he got pulled all the way up.  Ever since we lowered the crib he hasn't even pulled up on it!  HA!

All in all we had a good, restful weekend!!

Even a sweet little super hero needs his rest!!

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